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Stellar Blade: All Main Missions & Side Quests

Stellar Blade has a lengthy list of main and side missions that will take the player around 25 hours to complete. Here is a full list of every mission in the game.

Stellar Blade may not be as long as some modern AAA games, but it still offers a pretty beefy main story as well as a slew of side quests. However, if you’re thinking of starting it or are part of the way through, you may be wondering just how many missions it has. After all, if you’re trying to Platinum the game, you’ll need to know just how many more Requests you’ll need to get through. Fortunately, we’ve curated a complete list of every mission in the game, so you know exactly how long you have left.

Warning: This article contains quest names which some may consider spoilers.

All Main Missions in Stellar Blade

There are 15 main missions in Stellar Blade. It will take players 18 hours to complete the main story and see the credits roll. However, there are two endings, and the ending you get is based on a choice you make in the final mission. Fortunately, the game automatically saves just before this choice, allowing you to go back and pick the other ending if you want. Here are all the main missions in Stellar Blade.

  1. 7th Airborne Squad
  2. Scavenger Adam
  3. Xion, the Last Remaining City
  4. Altess Levoire
  5. Light of Hope
  6. Alpha Signal
  7. Hidden Truth
  8. Abyss Levoire
  9. Orcal’s Testimony
  10. Secret Garden
  11. Eye of the Hurricane
  12. Burning Xion
  13. Last Fragment
  14. Selection of Species
  15. EVE Protocol
Stellar Blade mission list
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All Side Quests in Stellar Blade

Side missions are split into two categories in Stellar Blade: Side Quests and Requests. Requests are basic fetch quest-type missions that you get from a message board in Xion. Side Quests are far more involved and involve named NPCs. There are 54 side missions in Stellar Blade, split into 33 Side Quests and 21 Requests. Here are all of the Side Quests in Stellar Blade:

  1. Reboot!
  2. Incarceration
  3. Plan to Clean the Earth
  4. Looking at You
  5. The Scavenger’s Story
  6. First Customer
  7. Urgent Information
  8. An Unknown Present
  9. Angel of Death
  10. Stolen Treasure
  11. Life of the Scavengers
  12. Keeping Secrets
  13. The Words of Mother Sphere
  14. Oblivion
  15. Taboo
  16. Memories in the Doll
  17. Reboot!!!
  18. Fallen Angel
  19. Looking Glass
  20. Stubbornness
  21. An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth
  22. A Treasure with a Name
  23. The King of the Tunnel
  24. Encounter
  25. An Offer You Can’t Refuse
  26. I Won’t Forget You
  27. A United People Cannot be Defeated
  28. Let There be Light Again
  29. End of the Nightmare
  30. CnL – Communicate and Link
  31. Siren’s Song
  32. Barry and Wine
  33. Madama Machine

All Requests in Stellar Blade

  1. Simple Puzzle
  2. Missing Husband
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. Find the Cat
  5. Missing Wife
  6. Lost Device
  7. Looking for My Brother
  8. Valuable Cargo
  9. Wisdom Puzzle
  10. Wife’s Medicine
  11. Source of the Nightmare
  12. Time for Revenge
  13. Generous Drop Pod
  14. Legion’s Secret Stash
  15. Lurker Hunt
  16. Where’s the Item
  17. Precious Treasure
  18. Wife’s Water Tank
  19. The Last Wine
  20. An Unforgettable Fish Dish
  21. Recruit Passcode Specialist

Should You Do the Side Quests in Stellar Blade

No, it’s not really worth doing the majority of the side quests in Stellar Blade. While some of them, such as the Memories in the Doll Side Quest, unlock new outfits, unless you’re trying to Platinum the game, it isn’t worth it.

The Side Quests in Stellar Blade are very basic, and only a handful of them, those given by the game’s vendors, have cutscenes and interesting stories. The majority of them exist to flesh out the lore but don’t offer much more than what you can glean from the notes and messages you find on dead bodies. So, no, you won’t miss out on much outside of a few outfits if you skip all of Stellar Blade’s Side Quests

That’s everything you need to know about Stellar Blade’s mission list. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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