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Helldivers 2: Full Weapons Tier List

Weapons in Helldivers 2 are the tools for spreading democracy across the galaxy. We have broken down which ones are hits and which you should avoid.

Players in Helldivers 2 will need to push back the Terminid and Automaton threats for Super Earth. However, to do so, the best weapons must be in your hands to be an effective Helldiver. Luckily, we have procured a list below of the current weapons in the game, including which players should bring into operations and which should be left behind.

The Best Weapons in Helldivers 2

The best weapons in Helldivers 2 are the AR-23 Liberator, SMG-37 Defender, and P-4 Senator. They should be in any player’s loadout, no matter the difficulty. However, as every player is different, you may want to consider another weapon to bring into battle. So, below, we’ve curated a tier list of each weapon in the game:

Tier RankWeapon
SSG-8S Slugger (Shotgun)
P-19 Redeemer (Pistol)
AR-23 Liberator (Assault Rifle)
SMG-37 Defender (Submachine Gun)
SG-8 Punisher (Shotgun)
P-4 Senator (Pistol)
G-16 Impact (Grenade)
G-12 High Explosive (Grenade)
AR-63 Diligence (Marksman Rifle)
R-63CS Diligence Counter Sniper (Marksman Rifle)
P-2 Peacemaker (Pistol)
SG-225SP Breaker Spray&Pray (Shotgun)
AR-23E Liberator Explosive (Assault Rifle)
G-6 Frag (Grenade)
BAR-23P Liberator Penetrator (Assault Rifle)
SG-225 Breaker (Shotgun)
PLAS-1 Scorcher (Energy-Based Weapon)
SG-225IE Breaker Incendiary (Shotgun)
G-10 Incendiary (Grenade)
G-3 Smoke (Grenade)
CMP-98 Knight (Submachine Gun)
DLAS-5 Scythe (Energy-Based Weapon)
JAR-5 Dominator (Shotgun)
Helldivers 2 weapon tier-list
Helldivers 2 Weapon Tier List

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