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Stellar Blade: The Secret Request, Explained

Players who have accepted the Secret Request in Stellar Blade will likely be disappointed when it is refused. But why does this happen, and can you do it anyway?

There are so many Requests in Stellar Blade to complete, and fortunately, most of them won’t take you long to complete. However, one of them takes absolutely no time at all to complete because, well, it gets rejected. If you’ve attempted to accept the Secret Request in Stellar Blade, you’ve almost certainly scratched your head as EVE refuses to do it. It’s not a joke, and no, you didn’t miss anything.

Can You Accept the Secret Request in Stellar Blade?

No, you cannot accept the Secret Request in Stellar Blade. EVE will always refuse it, no matter what missions or items you have gotten beforehand. It exists entirely to be rejected by EVE, who seemingly has an issue with people doing drugs. This isn’t the only Request EVE will reject, as she rejects one additional Request later on, asking her to do some other nefarious acts.

The Secret Request is refused because it asks EVE to get them “little drops that twinkle all green” and that are “forbidden.” If you hadn’t clocked on already, this person is asking EVE to get them some drugs, something that an Airborne soldier probably isn’t typically used to doing. It’s to help flesh out the lore of Xion and Orcal, all while fleshing out EVE’s character as a drug-hater.

The Secret Request in Stellar Blade
The Secret Request all blacked out.
In-game screenshot

You can’t later accept this Request, as EVE will never change her mind. It will always sit blacked out on your list of Requests with the word [Refused] after it. We appreciate this is incredibly frustrating for completionists and for those who like a neat Bulletin board. But trust us when we say that the 5,000 Gold isn’t really worth it anyway. That’s everything you need to know about the Secret Request in Stellar Blade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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