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Stellar Blade: Can You Sell Items?

If you’re looking to earn a little bit of extra Gold in Stellar Blade, you may be wondering if you can sell your items. Here’s what you need to know.

Stellar Blade has several merchants you can meet in Xion and two that are located in the open areas. Additionally, there are vending machines where you can buy potions, grenades, ammo, and more. Of course, most players may not be just satisfied with buying stuff, as they’ll likely want to sell all those useless grenades that they’ll never use. Unfortunately, Xion’s economy is supplied by a seemingly endless amount of stock, as none of its vendors want what you’re offering.

Can You Sell Items in Stellar Blade?

No, you cannot sell your items in Stellar Blade. Any items you get, whether Polymers, Nano Elements, consumables, grenades, Exosuits, Gears, or Exospines, are yours to keep. You won’t be able to sell items at the vending machines in Camps, nor at any of the vendors in Xion or otherwise. This means that any Gold you earn will be from exploring.

However, you won’t ever really need to sell items. Any excess items you gather will be stored and then given back to you when you run out. So, if you use up all of your grenades in battle and then head back to Camp and rest, any excess grenades will replenish your stocks. This ensures that nothing goes to waste. Of course, you can then buy more from the vending machine if you need more.

Roxanne's shop in Stellar Blade
No option to sell at Roxanne’s shop in Xion.
In-game screenshot

How to Get More Gold in Stellar Blade

If you do find yourself in need of some Gold, then explore the open areas and destroy every box you can see. Additionally, enemies typically drop Gold, and you’ll get plenty from completing Requests and side quests. You can pick up Requests from the Bulletin Board in Xion, next to where the vendor Roxanne stands.

However, we doubt you’ll need that much Gold. We ended our playthrough with 100,000 gold left over, and that was on the hardest difficulty. There’s little use for Gold the further into the game you get, as you’ll have picked up so many excess potions, ammo, and grenades, which is just about all you can spend Gold on. If you need more Polymers or Nano Elements, then you’ll also find plenty of them in chests, such as the one in Bar 99.

That’s everything you need to know about selling items in Stellar Blade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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