Signal Translator Lethal Company

How to Use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

The Signal Translator brings a new method of co-op play to Lethal Company, and here is how you obtain it and use it to your advantage.

A vital component of Lethal Company is playing with others to overcome the many dangers that inhabit the game. The main form of communication in co-op has been through the walkie-talkie process. However, a new tool has been released that players can look towards in the form of the Signal Translator.

How to Use the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

Players use the Signal Translator by typing the phrase “transmit” on the Ship’s Terminal, along with the text they wish to send. As such, a player must be present at the terminal on the Ship for it to be used, similarly to the Teleporter. Using the tool in unison with the cameras throughout the map can help notify everyone of potential enemies. After players type out and send the message they want, the text will show up on all recipients’ screens, creating a much more efficient communication system than the walkie-talkies.

However, the device has limitations and only allows for short messages of up to nine letters or numbers. Therefore, players must try to express what they need to say as concisely as possible or rapidly type out multiple short messages to assist their crewmates who are still scavenging. Even with the shortened notes, it is a significant upgrade that players must get as soon as possible in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company Signal Translator Terminal
Image Credit – PC Invasion

How to Acquire the Signal Translator in Lethal Company

The Signal Translator can be purchased from the Ship’s terminal computer for 255 credits. Once players earn enough money from selling any loot they salvage, the Signal Translator is a must-have purchase alongside the Teleporter.

The Signal Translator is a ship upgrade and will be automatically installed beside the terminal for players to use when bought. However, as previously stated, it can be accessed using the terminal computer.

Now that you know how to use and acquire the Signal Translator, check out the Game Hub for more guides on Lethal Company.


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