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Stellar Blade: How to Get the Bar 99 Chest Passcode

If you’ve entered Bar 99 in Edios 7 in Stellar Blade and found the locked chest, you’re likely wondering what the code is. Fortunately, we’ve found it for you.

Stellar Blade is jam-packed with locked chests that require a hidden code. For the most part, these codes are located relatively near its corresponding chest, typically on a dead body. However, the chest in Bar 99 has no code in sight. It’s unsurprising then that players are searching what the code is. We sure wish we could have when playing it for review. However, to get the code you’ll need to wait a long time and complete a specific side quest. Or, you could just read it below.

What Is the Bar 99 Code in Stellar Blade?

The Bar 99 chest code in Stellar Blade is 1228. However, you can’t discover this just by finding it in the wild or anywhere near Bar 99 in Edios 7. In fact, you have to get it via a Request mission called Legion’s Secret Stash from the Bulletin Board in Xion, the game’s hub area. This mission won’t be available to you until you reach the game’s fifth main mission, Light of Hope, after returning from the Altess Levoire dungeon.

After accepting the Legion’s Secret Stash Request mission, you’ll need to use the Tetrapod ship in Xion to fast travel back to Edios 7. From here, head all the way down Silent Street (the area you start on in Edios 7) until you reach Bar 99. Go to the chest and use the Hint (press Triangle) to input the code.

Stellar Blade Bar 99 Code
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All Bar 99 Chest Rewards in Stellar Blade

The rewards you get for opening the chest in Bar 99 are:

  • Nano Elements
  • Advanced Nano Elements
  • Extreme Nano Elements

It’s not particularly interesting, especially considering how long you have to wait before being able to unlock it. Of course, you’ll also get 1500 Gold for completing the Legion’s Secret Stash Request mission, but again, this isn’t a particularly impressive reward. By the time you reach the Light of Hope mission, you’ll have more than enough Nano Elements. Nevertheless, for the completionists out there, it’s a relatively easy mission to complete, so it’s worth picking up.

That’s everything you need to know about the Bar 99 chest code in Stellar Blade. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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