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Warner Bros. Steps Away From AAA Titles & Moves to Live Service Games

Warner Bros. has decided to step back from AAA games and commit to the popular live-service genre.

The free-to-play genre has had another company join, as Warner Bros. has decided to step away from AAA titles. These types of games are popular in the gaming community, and although this comes as a surprise to players, many companies are deciding to make the switch to join the mobile, free-to-play market.

Why Is Warner Bros. Stepping Away From AAA Games?

In a recent Morgan Stanley Event, Warner Bros. Discovery’s CEO of global streaming and games, Jean-Braic Perrette, discussed that the company’s strategy moving forward has shifted to these genres to help reduce volatility and for growth opportunities. Warner Bros. will focus on its core and much-loved franchises, bringing them into the mobile and free-to-play space.

Although Hogwarts Legacy became a best seller in 2023, success like this is never guaranteed. The company’s latest game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, is a significant example, which is also another reason for the shift of focus. Warner Bros. wants to generate consistent revenue, and moving to these genres allows players to enjoy a live service game while investing their time and money into it.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Arkham batman Canon
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Perrette also teased that Warner Bros. has planned free-to-play mobile games to come out this year, stating, “You’ll see us launching later this year, some mobile free-to-play games, which we hope to start building that and then secondarily live services. So, rather than just launching a one-and-done game, how do we develop a game around, for example, Hogwart’s Legacy or Harry Potter? That is a live service where people can continue to live and work and build and play in that world on an ongoing basis.”

Furthermore, Perrette has also mentioned that if Warner Bros. executes its plan, it will bring “meaningful growth” to the company in upcoming years. Currently, Warner Bros. is putting the foundation down for games that may come out in the next three years, so it’s speculated that Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions could be one of these games, as it is currently in a playtest stage.

Will Warner Bros. Stop Making AAA Games?

No, Warner Bros. will still continue to create AAA games. The company is currently stepping back from AAA titles and focusing significantly on live service, free-to-play, and mobile games, but this doesn’t necessarily mean players will never experience a single-player AAA game again from Warner Bros. Rather, fans may have to wait longer for some of their favorite franchises to release.

That’s everything you need to know about Warner Bros. shifting its focus to live service, free-to-play, and mobile games. If you’d like to find more information like this, feel free to check out our Guide Hub.