MultiVersus character lineup

Several New Characters Have Been Teased for MultiVersus

Several teases from voice actors and even the NHL have revealed new characters that are coming to the MultiVersus lineup.

After going offline over a year ago, MultiVersus, the Warner Bros character brawler, is finally returning. The game has an already sizeable lineup of mascots from several Warner Bros franchises to choose from. However, recently, there have been new character teases from various sources. As the game’s Tuesday, May 28, 2024 launch is slowly approaching, it seems Warner Bros wants to show off potential candidates likely coming to MultiVersus.

Several MultiVersus Characters Teased

So far, three popular characters have been teased to debut in MultiVersus: Dog detective Scooby-Doo, genius scientist Dexter, and rambunctious spirit Beetlejuice. These were all revealed by different sources, including NHL ads, and were then compiled by DrAwesomeX on Reddit.

Firstly, teases for Scooby-Doo coming to MultiVersus are very prominent. User Grimace4MVS on X (formerly known as Twitter) has pointed out that NHL ads show Scooby hitching a ride in the Mystery Machine. The ads are for a unique crossover, with a hockey game between the Colorado Avalanche and Vegas Golden Knights, with MultiVersus characters being transposed over the actual players. The ad shows the Mystery Machine as the game’s Zamboni. However, with Scooby-Doo being absent from the lineup and the crossover featuring MultiVersus characters, we can expect the famous canine detective to join the game.

Shaggy vs Superman MultiVersus
In-game Screenshot

The next notable tease of Dexter comes from an ad on the official MultiVersus page on TikTok. The quick 20-second clip features various fighters in the game. However, many eagle-eyed fans like AusilMV on X have noticed Dexter’s Laboratory appearing in the ad as a stage. Further cementing it is his stage, Dexter’s notorious, pesky sister Dee Dee is a background character while fighting there. As such, we can expect Dexter to be playable within MultiVersus.

The Debut of a Long-Awaited Spirit in MultiVersus

Beetlejuice, the malicious spirit, is also on the way. Eric Bauza, the voice actor for Bugs Bunny, Marvin the Martian, and more in MultiVersus, teased the game’s return on his Instagram page in March 2024. What’s unique, though, is that the music playing in the clip is that audio from the Beetlejuice movie. The audio cue is the perfect but subtle way to tease the debut of a much-anticipated character like Beetlejuice. Furthermore, leaked voice lines for the game went up on YouTube over a year ago, and some allude to the over-charismatic spirit.

It seems Warner Bros is looking to bring some heavy hitters to MultiVersus with its return. The game is being made in Unreal Engine 5, and players can square off as various icons, including Superman, Batman, Shaggy, Lebron James, and much more. Are you excited about the return of MultiVersus in May? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, check out our Guide Hub for more MultiVersus content.


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