September 2023 Video Games

Ten Best Video Games Releases For September 2023

September officially marks the last month before the final quarter of the year, with plenty of blockbuster releases trying to launch their games before it’s too late.

This month packs in a lot of annual releases, such as NBA and EA Sports FC (FIFA), triple-As, indies, and a highly anticipated party game. Here are ten of the best games releasing in September 2023.


Starfield Screen

Release Date: 6th September 2023 (1st September Early Release)
Platforms: PC and Xbox X|S

Starfield, created by Bethesda and published by Microsoft, lets you explore a detailed galaxy with various factions and spaceships. It offers extensive ship customization and an in-depth character creator. Starfield aims to be one of 2023’s top games, with high expectations from fans.

The game gives you lots of freedom to customize your spaceship and even your own character in great detail. You’ll fly from planet to planet, engaging in adventures that you help shape. The goal is to give you a sense of freedom on a galactic scale. Whether you’re landing on bustling planets or quieter ones, the game aims to make each experience unique. You can check out more about the game here.

The Crew Motorfest

Release Date: 11th September 2023

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PC

In The Crew Motorfest, you dive into a Hawaiian island setting with your friends. You race through Honolulu, drive up volcano slopes, or relax on the beach. The game offers themed Playlists with special races and events that let you explore different car cultures.

You can join Motorfest to take part in changing activities and live events. The game starts with 15 Playlists and lets you collect over 600 cars, from classics to electric supercars like the Lotus Evija.

The game features different modes for competitive racing. You can join 28-player races or team up in crews for 32-player competitions. There are also weekly events to climb up the leaderboards and win prizes. Finally, you can show off your style in a custom show to win exclusive rewards.

Lies of P

Lies of P In-game Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

Release Date: 16th September 2023

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PC

In Lies of P, you control Pinocchio and look for his father, Geppeto, in the city of Krat. You’ll face various enemies and need to dodge and attack skillfully. What makes this game interesting is the weapon-making system which allows you to craft your own tools for combat.

The game also offers a unique feature where your choices and lies influence the story. For example, telling certain lies can change how quests unfold and how the story ends. The game aims to balance challenging combat and a compelling story. You can even adjust the game’s difficulty to match your skill level.

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

Release Date: 8th September 2023

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC

NBA 2K24 the latest release in the basketball franchise is launching some new features and honors Kobe Bryant on its cover. For the first time, the game will include crossplay, allowing gamers on different platforms to play together.

A new game mode called MAMBA MOMENTS lets you relive Kobe’s greatest moments on the basketball court. The game also introduces a new technology called ProPLAY. This technology makes the game’s animations and movements look more like real NBA action.

Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 Li Mei and Sub Zero Kameo Fighters

Release Date: 19th September 2023

Platforms: PS5, Xbox X|S, Switch, PC

Mortal Kombat 1 is the newest game in the famous Mortal Kombat series. This game comes from the award-winning NetherRealm Studios. It gives us a fresh universe with a new story where iconic heroes and villains show up in ways we’ve never seen before. A warrior turned into a god tries to start a peaceful era, but a big threat comes. So, he gathers a team of new and old characters to fight and protect the world.

The game has a big cast of legendary fighters like Liu Kang, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero, plus a separate group of Kameo Fighters to help during fights. If you want to learn more about the game, you can read more information here.

Payday 3

Payday 3 Key Art

Release Date: 21st September 2023

Platforms: PS5, Xbox X|S, PC

Payday 3 is the exciting next game in the popular co-op shooter series. Players team up to pull off thrilling heists. In this game, you join the Payday Gang, who are feared by both the law and criminals. Years after causing chaos in Washington DC, the gang comes back to deal with a new threat.

The Payday Crew leaves their old life in Washington DC and moves to New York City. There, they face new challenges and find new chances to plan and execute heists. They come out of retirement to tackle this new danger that appeared because of their past actions. If you want to learn more about the game, you can read more information here.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Release Date: 26th September 2023

Platforms: PS5, Xbox X|S, PC

Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing its first and only expansion called Phantom Liberty. The expansion adds a new spy-thriller story. Players will play as V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary. The mission is to save the NUS President. You’ll be in a dangerous area called Dogtown and make alliances there.

Actor Idris Elba will also be in the game playing the role of Solomon Reed. This DLC adds new skills and abilities for players. Unfortunately, this DLC won’t be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Party Animals

Party Animals Screenshot 2

Release Date: 20th September 2023

Platforms: Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PC

Party Animals is a hilarious game where you play as cute animals and try to beat each other. You can use all sorts of weapons and play in different modes and maps. The game is great for laughs and has a variety of animals and outfits to choose from.

Party Animals has two main modes and many maps. In Last Stand, you try to be the last one standing. Each map has unique things like wind tunnels and levers that make you think fast. The second mode, Team Score, has games like Buzz Ball, which is like football but with shocks.

Mineko’s Night Market

Release Date: 27th September 2023

Platforms: PS5, Switch, PC

In Mineko’s Night Market, you take on the role of Mineko who is new to an island near Mount Fugu. The local people are big fans of the Sun Cat, Nikko, and recently, they claim to have seen this mythical cat. Your job is to uncover the secrets of the town and make the struggling village better again. You also have to manage your daily activities, go on unique quests, and create items to sell at the weekly Night Market.

The game lets you enjoy various Night Market games like cat racing and parades, solve puzzles to dodge nosy Agents, and unlock secret areas. You can also craft unique items and befriend locals to trade goods at the Night Market. The game offers hours of exploration and lets you experience all four seasons on the vast island.

EA Sports FC 24

EA SPORTS FC 24 Haaland 2

Release Date: 29th September 2023

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Electronic Arts is launching a new game called EA Sports FC 24. They lost the rights to the name FIFA but the game remains the same. You can now make a team with both men and women. The game features a new technology called HyperMotion V for realistic movements. Erling Haaland is the cover star of the game. You can check out more information about the game here.

Here are our favourite games releasing in September 2023. Obviously, we can’t cover every game that is coming out, so is there anything that we missed?