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Starfield: Can You Romance More Than One Companion At Once?

The vast universe of Starfield is not just about colonising planets or battling space pirates. At its heart, this game also touches on the intricacies of relationships, and the possibility of finding love and romance among the stars.

While exploring the universe, players encounter potential love interests; the question is, can you romance more than one character in Starfield? Let’s delve into the mechanics of romantic relationships in the game.

Romancing characters in Starfield is a difficult process, demanding players’ attention, and sustained effort. A significant commitment is required to develop a meaningful relationship with any companion.

As for romancing multiple characters, while the initial stages may allow for flirting with multiple partners, ultimately, players will need to decide whom they wish to commit to. This decision isn’t to be taken lightly, as doing so, is a path that will be very hard to reverse if you later change your mind.

How Does the Romance Approval Rating Work in Starfield?

Building and maintaining a romantic relationship in Starfield hinges on the approval rating system. Every companion in Starfield comes with their own set of morals, values, and likes or dislikes.

As players navigate through the game, their actions, decisions, and dialogue choices will impact their companions’ opinions of them. These opinions are quantified through an approval rating, which rises or falls based on the protagonist’s choices.

To romance a companion, players must consistently choose actions and dialogue options that align with their chosen partner’s values. As the approval rating with a specific companion increases, flirtatious dialogue options, labelled [Flirt], will start appearing. Consistently opting for these will signify romantic intent.

Once a high approval rating is reached, players will unlock a unique companion mission. Successfully completing this mission allows for further dialogue progression, presenting the player with either a [Romance] or [Friendship] option. Choosing [Romance] propels the relationship towards [Commitment], culminating in an option for an interstellar ceremony.

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How to Romance More Than One Companion in Starfield?

While it is possible to flirt with multiple companions during the early game, players should be cautious. Exploring feelings for multiple companions might be thrilling initially, but if you play the field for too long you will be left without a romantic partner in the end game. The game demands a considerable chunk of gameplay dedicated to a single companion for a relationship to form.

There are four romanceable characters, Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Sam Coe, and Andreja. Players must recruit them all and get to know them as quickly as possible as polyamory isn’t an option in Starfield. Once a player chooses the [Romance] option after a character’s companion mission, they are essentially committing to that companion. Pursuing other romantic interests beyond this point can sour the relationship, leading to potential complications and an upset companion.

While the game offers the initial thrill of exploring multiple romantic paths, ultimately, a decision must be made. The universe of Starfield offers a blend of cosmic exploration and deep, meaningful connections, making it a truly unique gaming experience.

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