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Do You Need to Watch the Sand Land Anime to Play the Game?

Sand Land has received rave reviews and is proving to be a must-play for anime fans. But do you have to watch the show before playing?

Akira Toriyama was a visionary who worked on various manga and was involved in the many adaptations of his works. Regarding video games, Toriyama continued to be involved with many works, including Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Sand Land is the last game project he was involved in, and many who want to play it are curious if they need to watch the show before diving into the game. Good news for those asking the question: we have the answer for you.

Do You Need To Watch Sand Land To Understand The Game?

Fortunately, players new to Sand Land do not need to watch the Sand Land anime to play the game. The narrative of the Sand Land game is the same as that of the manga and anime but in a playable RPG format. In fact, the game even introduces several new elements that did not appear in the original manga, including new locations.

So, newcomers will feel right at home with Sand Land, and it is a great way to experience it. Of course, the Sand Land manga isn’t particularly long, running only 13 chapters and one epilogue across a single volume. The same can be said of the series, which is only 13 episodes long. So, you’d be able to read or watch it relatively fast before hopping into the game.

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In Sand Land, players step into the shoes of Beelzebub, a Demon Prince. Along with his ragtag gang consisting of Rao, Ann, and Thief, he must journey across a world covered in desert sands in search of a Legendary Spring. The world is running out of water, and the spring is the answer to everyone’s problems. The journey will be difficult as players must defeat various monsters and the King of Sand Land’s massive army to find their goal of an oasis. Fortunately, they have a plethora of vehicles, including the iconic tank, at their disposal.

That is everything to know about if you need to watch the Sand Land TV Show to play the game. If you are curious about the Akira Toriyama world, you can download the game’s demo; also, be sure to visit our Guide Hub.


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