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Leaker Silknigth Claims New God of War, Ghost of Tsushima 2, and More

New Insider Silknigth has made multiple large claims, including a new God of War project and Ghost of Tsushima 2, sparking players’ curiosity.

Players love discovering insider news about upcoming games, recently revealed titles, and everything in between. Sharing this exciting information with friends and family interested in certain games and franchises to keep in the loop is a large part of the gaming community. Recently, a new leaker named Silknigth, not to be confused with the upcoming Hollow Knight game, emerged online with large claims. Although Silknigth is new, many are skeptical about the information they’re spreading.

What is Silknigth Claiming?

Silknigth is making large claims about major upcoming titles, specifically on PlayStation and PC. Beloved and anticipated games such as The Last of Us 2, Horizon 3, Final Fantasy 9 Remake, and Ghost of Tsushima 2 are among some of the few titles mentioned by Silknigth in the claims they have made on X (formerly Twitter). Below, we outline Silknigth’s current claims.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered Horse Riding in Snow, Captured on PS5
The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, In-game Screenshot

Silknigth’s claims are large and have been stated on X in quick succession since they joined in February 2024. Although these claims excite players, players should take the leaks with a grain of salt and remember that some of these claims could be false.

Is Silknigth Legitimate?

Jason Schreier is currently debunking Silknigth on X after the known Subreddit GamingLeaksAndRumours was flooded with claims from Silknigth. Jason Schreier is a well-known journalist and is currently a reporter for Bloomberg. He has a number of connections on the inside, and this allows him to have a proper insider look himself. This is how he has claimed that Silknigth is potentially spreading false claims.

Silknigth has responded to Jason Schreier’s accusations on X and stated: “Because someone so relevant and respected in the industry would pay attention to someone small? Many nowadays lie, but you try to expose those who are starting to become relevant. I’m not worried; time puts everything in its place.” Regardless of Silknigth’s statement, those looking for insider information on upcoming games continue to be skeptical about Silknigth’s legitimacy. Once the claims have been revealed as true or false, we will know if the upcoming insider is to be trusted.