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Starfield: Andreja Relationship and Romance Guide

Andreja is a highly secretive character with a complex past in the expansive universe of Starfield. A former operative turned adventurer, Andreja’s personality is a blend of stoic intensity and underlying vulnerability, making her one of the most compelling companions in the game.

As with all characters in Starfield, forming relationships is a nuanced process. Building trust, making the right choices, and possibly even romancing your companions adds an exciting layer to Starfield’s already rich narrative and experience.

How to Recruit Andreja as a Crew Member

Recruiting Andreja is part of the main quest “Into the Unknown,” which also features another character, Vladimir. After docking at the space station, “The Eye”, in the Alpha Centauri system, you’ll talk to Vladimir about obtaining two artifacts. These will be found on procedurally generated planets that vary on different playthroughs.

Andreja can be found on one of these planets, however, there doesn’t appear to be any way to know which one that will be. No matter though, as she can’t be missed and you have to journey to both planets anyway to finish the quest.

Flip a coin and visit the first planet to secure artifact number one. Follow the waypoint to the artifact and extract it using your Cutter. If Andreja is nowhere to be seen, proceed to the second planet.

Upon landing, you’ll see Andreja holding her own in close-quarters combat, assisting her to finish the enemies off. She will temporarily join your quest after a quick conversation and help you locate the second artifact.

After the second artifact has been secured, return to the Lodge on New Atlantis and speak with Matteo about your findings. Choose a dialogue option to align with either “dreams” or “science”. If you align with “science,” you will gain approval with Andreja, laying the first brick in the foundation of your relationship with her. Speak further with Andreja and you’ll be given the opportunity to recruit her into your Crew.

Meeting Andreja

How to Increase Approval Rating with Andreja

Approval rating with Andreja, like any companion, fluctuates based on your dialogue choices and actions. Generally, the tougher and more audacious you are, the more she’ll appreciate it.

However, unnecessary cruelty won’t sit well with her. To actually gain approval with Andreja, you’ll need to make her an active companion during your quests and conversations.

Actions that Increase Andreja’s Approval Rating:

  • “Sassy” or “Feisty” dialogue options
  • Stealing from enemies
  • Intimidating adversaries

Actions that Decrease Andreja’s Approval Rating:

  • Harming innocent civilians
  • Showing cowardice

How to Complete Andreja’s Companion Quest: Divided Loyalties in Starfield

Andreja’s companion quest “Divided Loyalties” is initiated after getting closer to her by following the approval rating guide above and flirting wherever possible.

She will open up about her past, giving you a quest to find out what happened to her former friends.

The first step requires you to travel to Akila City and head to the local bar to find someone named Eren. Once you locate him, he informs you about Va’ruun cultists located in Hyla II in the Hyla system.

Navigate to Hyla II and land your ship near the waypoint directing you to Eren’s camp. Eliminate any hostile Va’ruun cultists you encounter along the way.

Next, journey to the Wolf system and dock at the space station in Chthonia. Inquire about Jaeda, which will then lead you to the Groombridge system and a planet called Anomaly.

Upon arrival, you’ll find Jaeda’s ship. Explain to her that Andreja is trying to right the wrongs of her past and step inside. Unconvinced, Jaeda points a gun at both you and Andreja. Diffuse the situation using the negotiation dialogue options to be given the next destination.

Travel to Muphrid IV in the Muphrid system where you’ll find Tomisar, Andreja’s former Va’ruun handler. Here, you face a choice, convince Andreja to kill him or show mercy and let the Va’ruun Council deal with him.

Successfully completing the “Divided Loyalties” quest not only brings resolution to Andreja’s backstory but also unlocks the potential for a romantic relationship.

Chatting with Andreja Starfield

How to Have a Relationship and Romance Andreja

As your approval rating with Andreja increases, you’ll start seeing flirtatious dialogue options labelled “[Flirt]”. Consistently choosing these will indicate your romantic intentions to her, After completing her companion quest, “Divided Loyalties,” more intimate dialogues become accessible.

Fulfil these requirements, and Andreja will approach you with a critical romantic ultimatum, where you can opt for “[Romance]” or “[Friendship]”. Choose “[Romance]” to progress the relationship.

As your love story unfolds, a “[Commitment]” dialogue option will eventually appear, allowing you and Andreja to make your relationship official in a touching wedding ceremony.

By following this guide, you’re well on your way to not only unlocking Andreja as a valuable crew member but also as a romantic partner.

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