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Starfield: Barrett Relationship and Romance Guide

Barrett is an energetic engineer, and he’s one of the companions you can recruit early on in your Starfield journey. He’s driven by a sense of wonder, enamoured by the intricacies of the universe, and is a sucker for a good joke. While he’s still grappling with the loss of his husband, Ervin, Barrett could be open to a new romantic relationship if you play your cards right.

As with all characters in Starfield, forming relationships is a nuanced process. Building trust, making the right choices, and possibly even romancing your companions adds an exciting layer to Starfield’s already rich narrative and experience.

How to Recruit Barrett as a Crew Member

Recruiting Barrett is a very straightforward process as you encounter him early in your Starfield campaign. To officially recruit him as a companion, complete the Prologue and the main story mission “The Old Neighbourhood”. Once this mission is wrapped up, you’ll receive three simultaneous story missions.

One of which, “Back to Vectera”, allows you to meet with Barrett again. Complete it, and you’ll be given the opportunity to recruit him as a crew member. You can opt to complete the other two missions first, but why would you wait on love?

Barrett Starfield Introduction

How to Increase Approval Rating with Barrett

Barrett, like all companions, has an “approval” rating affected by your actions and dialogue choices. To start increasing your bond, you’ll need to make him an active companion.

Earning approval opens up new dialogue and progression paths. Choose options that reflect his values to gain his favour.

These values are, being independent, curious, and morally upright. A heads-up display (HUD) notification will pop up when you’ve made an action Barrett approves of.

Actions that Increase Barrett’s Approval Rating:

  • Making light-hearted jokes
  • Choosing ethical options
  • Refusing rewards to help people

Actions that Decrease Barrett’s Approval Rating:

  • Committing crimes
  • Displaying arrogance
  • Making heavily biased political choices

How to Complete Barrett’s Companion Quest: Breach of Contract in Starfield

“Breach of Contract” is a pivotal companion quest for Barrett that hinges on clearing his late husband Ervin’s name. This quest becomes available after a series of heart to heart conversations with Barrett, where he gradually confides in you about Ervin.

Starting the Investigation

First, Barrett will request a private conversation where he’ll share his concerns and doubts about what really happened to Ervin. He’ll ask for financial help to start an investigation, this is a crucial point, and agreeing to help him will set the quest in motion. Expect to invest a few thousand credits.

Gathering Evidence

After pooling resources and commencing the investigation, you’ll be directed to travel to Gagarin, the last known location of Ervin. Here, you’ll meet Ellie Yankton, a lawyer who seems initially skeptical about the case. Ellie will stress the need for hard evidence to move forward.

The game will provide you with several quest markers to indicate where you can find the required evidence. It’s crucial to visit each location and collect all pieces of evidence to build a robust case.

  • Ervin’s apartment
  • Town Hall
  • Hephaestus mine

Making the Case

During your investigation, you’ll have met local residents, Lizzy, Clint and Dr. Kaela. Ellie will suggest appointing one as a character witness for Ervin. Dr. Kaela is your best bet here, as both Barrett and Ellie will approve of your choice.

Once you have gathered the evidence and selected a witness, return to Ellie Yankton. She will look over what you’ve found and finally agree that you have done enough to make your case.

By following the above steps, Ervin’s name will be cleared and Barrett will approach you, visibly relieved and grateful.

Barrett Flirt Starfield
Barrett Flirt Option in Starfield

How to Have a Relationship and Romance Barrett

As you increase your approval rating with Barrett, flirtatious dialogue options labelled “[Flirt]” will start to appear. Choose these consistently to signal your romantic intentions. Upon completing the “Breach of Contract” quest and clearing Ervin’s name, Barrett will open up for a deeper connection.

Should you manage to fulfill these requirements, you’ll presented with dialogue choices leading to either “[Romance]” or “[Friendship]” with Barrett. Opt for “[Romance]” to start a committed relationship with him.

This will later develop even further, with the player being presented with the “[commitment]” dialogue option. If you choose this, you and Barrett will say your vows in a wedding ceremony that’s out of this world.

By following this guide, you’re well on your way to not only unlocking Barrett as a valuable crew member but also as a romantic partner.

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