starfield sam coe Romance

Starfield: Sam Coe Relationship and Romance Guide

Sam Coe is a rugged pilot with a no-nonsense attitude, hailing from the libertarian enclave known as the Freestar Collective in Starfield. Described as a space cowboy, Sam embodies a strong sense of justice and a fierce dedication to his family, particularly his daughter Cora.

As with all characters in Starfield, forming relationships is a nuanced process. Building trust, making the right choices, and possibly even entering a romance with your companions adds an exciting layer to Starfield’s already rich narrative and experience.

How to Recruit Sam Coe as a Crew Member

As you delve deeper into Starfield’s narrative, you will find yourself amidst the bustling streets of Akila City. Here, during the mission ‘The Empty Nest,’ you’ll meet Sam Coe for the first time. This mission forms a trio of early quests in the game, the other two being ‘Into the Unknown’ and ‘Back to Vectera’.

Sam Coe isn’t a character you need to actively seek out, instead, he’s conveniently waiting at The Lodge, and not alone. Accompanying him is his daughter, Cora, a dynamic that adds layers to his character and your subsequent interactions.

As you approach Sam, you’ll soon realize that he holds significant knowledge about the Freestar Collective and is an esteemed member of Constellation, the final band of explorers in Starfield. Speak with Sam and Cora to delve into their history, and understand their motivations. Sam will then join you temporarily and play a pivotal role in helping you navigate through the objectives.

Successfully navigate ‘The Empty Nest’ mission with Sam’s help and he’ll make you an offer to become a part of your crew. There’s only one condition, the inclusion of Cora on your ship. Given the close-knit relationship between father and daughter, it’s a non-negotiable term.

Accepting his proposition not only strengthens your crew but also opens the door to deeper interactions and potentially, a romantic relationship with the space cowboy.

starfield sam coe Romance
Sam Coe Romance in Starfield

How to Increase Approval Rating with Sam Coe

Your relationship with Sam improves or deteriorates based on your actions and dialogue choices. To gain Sam’s approval, you must make him your active companion; otherwise, he won’t be able to gauge your choices.

Engage in conversations that allow him to express his opinions, especially those relating to his past and daughter Cora.

Actions that Increase Sam Coe’s Approval Rating:

  • Loyalty
  • Praising Cora or their bond
  • Defying the United Colonies

Actions that Decrease Sam Coe’s Approval Rating:

  • Letting enemies escape
  • Beating around the bush
  • Showing sympathy towards the United Colonies

How to Complete Sam Coe’s Romance Quest: Matters of the Hart in Starfield

The “Matters of the Hart” quest is pivotal for cementing your relationship with Sam Coe in Starfield. This will be unlocked after you’ve reached a sufficiently high approval rating with Sam, prompting him to open up about his concerns for Cora’s mother, Lilian Hart.

After talking to Sam and unlocking the quest, you’ll be directed to head to the Neon system. Navigate your ship there and land at the Ranger Outpost. Once you arrive, you’ll find a ranger named Jaylen. Interact with Jaylen to learn that Lilian has been working on something dangerous. He’ll suggest you search her desk for more clues about what she’s doing.

This will reveal she has been collaborating with a confidential informant. Your task will be to hunt down the informant for more information. Tragically, you’ll discover that the informant is deceased when you reach their apartment. However, investigate the apartment thoroughly, and you’ll uncover notes pointing to a Syndicate operative named Valerie Mosquera being involved in something nefarious.

Armed with this new information, your next objective is to head to Victor’s Compound. Once you arrive, Sam will use his skills to pinpoint Lilian’s exact location. A firefight ensues, and you must battle your way to Lilian.

Successfully reach and rescue Lilian Hart. She’ll request your help in her ongoing mission to take down Valerie Mosquera, which involves retrieving a cache from the Dumas smuggling ship. Here, you’ll encounter resistance. Fight through the enemies to retrieve the cache that Lilian needs.

With the cache in hand, set course for Andromas III. A grand battle ensues, involving you, Sam, Lilian, and Syndicate forces led by Valerie Mosquera. Defeat Valerie and her forces to successfully conclude this part of the quest in Starfield.

After the dust settles, return to your ship for a dialogue scene with Lilian and Sam. Lilian and Sam will reconcile, clearing up the lingering issues between them. Finally, head back to Akila City and speak with Sam to conclude the mission, and with it, pave the way for a romantic bond to be formed.

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How to Have a Relationship and Romance Sam Coe

As your rapport with Sam grows, flirtatious dialogue options labelled “[Flirt]” will appear. Use these options consistently to hint at your romantic interest. After successfully completing “Matters of the Hart,” Sam becomes receptive to a deeper relationship.

Dialogue choices of “[Romance]” or “[Friendship]” will give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Opt for “[Romance]” to enter a committed relationship with Sam, which later culminates in a celestial wedding ceremony after choosing the “[Commitment]” dialogue option.

By following this guide, you’re not just gaining a valuable crew member in Sam Coe, but a romantic partner who will stand by you as you traverse the far reaches of space in Starfield.

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