Starfield: Sarah Morgan Relationship and Romance Guide

As the chair of Constellation, Sarah Morgan is a stoic leader committed to discovering the universe’s secrets in Starfield. Sarah joins your crew early in the game and acts as your moral compass, advocating for diplomacy and following procedure. The journey from crew member to romantic partner will require some tact and perseverance.

As with all characters in Starfield, forming relationships is a nuanced process. Building trust, making the right choices, and possibly even romancing your companions adds an exciting layer to Starfield’s already rich narrative and experience.

How to Recruit Sarah Morgan as a Crew Member

Sarah becomes available during the mission “The Old Neighborhood.” She is a crucial character in Starfield, so recruiting her happens naturally as you progress through the main storyline.

Once you meet her, she’ll offer to join your crew, accept her offer to make her a part of your team.

How to Increase Approval Rating with Sarah Morgan

Sarah’s approval system is based on your in-game choices. Positive or negative dialogue options and actions can either improve or worsen her opinion of you.

To increase her approval rating, she must be an active companion, otherwise, she won’t be present to approve or disapprove of your actions.

Actions that Increase Sarah’s Approval Rating:

  • Following Protocol
  • Peaceful Resolutions
  • Discovering Ancient Artifacts.

Actions that Decrease Sarah’s Approval Rating:

  • Criticising the United Colonies
  • Engaging in Reckless or Underhanded behaviour.
Flirting with Sarah Starfield
Flirting with Sarah in Starfield

How to Complete Sarah Morgan’s Companion Quest: In Memoriam

Sarah Morgan’s companion quest, “In Memoriam,” is a multi-stage endeavour that takes you across various locales to help Sarah find closure for her troubled past. This is the pivotal quest required to deepen your relationship with her, so it’s crucial to follow each step attentively.

The quest begins in the MAST District. Sarah will approach you, expressing her desire to speak with her former commanding officer. Accept her request to trigger the quest. Head to the Eta Cassiopeia system and land on the planet Cassiopeia I. Your objective here is to find Sarah’s old campsite, which she left behind years ago during her time in the military.

Once on the planet, locate a sloping path leading up a canyon. The path will have various forks, always take the right turns to reach the summit. At the top, you’ll encounter a set of rocks that turn out to be carnivorous creatures. Prepare for a tough fight. After defeating the creatures, enter the crashed ship near the summit. Here, you need to locate and analyse telemetry data.

Head back down and traverse the terrain to find a small habitation. Inside, you’ll meet Sona, a young girl who happens to be the daughter of two of Sarah’s former comrades. Proceed further into a wooded area where you’ll find a plateau with several marked graves. Here, explore to collect the nine dog tags belonging to Sarah’s fallen comrades.

The tenth and final dog tag is inside a creature called a Greater Silverfish. Locate and defeat this monster to obtain the last tag. With all dog tags in hand, head back to Sona and convince her to join you and Sarah. The choice will increase Sarah’s approval rating so we recommend asking Sona to come with you.

Watch as Sarah finally comes to terms with her past, appreciating your help and solidifying your bond. Successfully navigating through these steps paves the way for a deeper emotional connection with her.

Sarah Romance Response

How to Have a Relationship and Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

After you’ve built up a high approval rating with Sarah, the option to flirt becomes increasingly important for progressing the relationship. You’ll notice dialogue options tagged with “[Flirt]” during conversations with her. Choose these options consistently to make your romantic intentions clear.

Once you’ve successfully increased Sarah’s approval rating, consistently chosen the “[Flirt]” dialogue options, and navigated her companion quest “In Memoriam”, you’ll be presented with a pivotal dialogue choice of either “[Romance]” or “[Friendship].”

Opt for “[Romance]” to commit to a loving relationship with Sarah. Your relationship with Sarah will reach its apex when you later encounter the “[Commitment]” dialogue option. Upon selecting this, you and Sarah will find yourselves in a unique wedding ceremony presided over by Aja, sealing your commitment to one another in an event that’s truly out of this world.

By diligently following our guide, you’re not just gaining Sarah as an invaluable crew member but also as a romantic partner, adding another layer of depth to your Starfield journey.

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