Star Wars Outlaws Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Star Wars Outlaws: Is it Coming to Nintendo Switch?

With Star Wars Outlaws just around the corner, many may wonder if Ubisoft’s intergalactic adventure will be on Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for Switch fans.

Touted as the first proper open-world Star Wars game, playing Star Wars Outlaws on the go seems like a no-brainer. Portable gaming suits the open-world genre to no end. It seems to be the perfect way to play games as vast as Star Wars Outlaws. As a home-portable hybrid, Outlaws would find the perfect home on the Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo fans may have to temper their expectations and look elsewhere if they want to play it.

Will Star Wars Outlaws Come to Nintendo Switch?

No, Star Wars Outlaws will not come out on the Nintendo Switch at launch or in the future. It is coming out exclusively for next-gen, meaning it will only release on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Despite the Switch pulling off some astoundingly impressive ports in its time (we’re looking at you, Hogwarts Legacy), fans should not expect to see Star Wars Outlaws ever appear on the hybrid console.

As we are now several years into the current console generation, this news shouldn’t surprise Nintendo Switch owners. Star Wars Outlaws will be making use of Massive Entertainment’s advanced Snowdrop Engine to craft its vast open world. All of that extra detail means that the Switch won’t be able to handle the game’s graphical and technical demands. Even the technically superior Steam Deck may struggle if recent AAA releases on the system are anything to go by.

Kay Vess' ship fling away from a TIE Fighter in space in Star Wars Outlaws

The real question fans should be asking is whether or not Star Wars Outlaws will come to the heavily rumored Nintendo Switch 2, as it’s set to have much more power under the hood. If Star Wars Outlaws were ever to come out on a Nintendo system, it would surely be for its next console. However, the Nintendo Switch 2 has yet to be officially announced, and we won’t know how Star Wars Outlaws would even fare on it before we properly look at its tech specs. Until then, head over to our Guide Hub for more on Star Wars Outlaws.