NPC standing in Waterfall in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest: Best Base Locations

If you’re jumping into Sons of the Forest you may be wondering about the best base locations to get you set up to survive. Here’s where you should start.

After just under a year of Early Access, Sons of the Forest has finally launched its full 1.0 release, bringing a whole host of changes and new additions. Whether you’re hopping in for the first time, or revisiting the game for another playthrough, you’ll likely want to know the best areas on the map to build your base. We go over them below.

Best Base Locations in Sons of the Forest

The best base locations in Sons of the Forest all take into consideration the most easily fortifiable areas to protect yourself from the ravenous groups of cannibals that endlessly hunt you as you try to survive. We found that the following are the best locations to set up a base:

  • North Beach
  • Empty Houses
  • “Squidward” Island Base
  • Waterfall Base
  • Golf Course

North Beach

Players will most likely be familiar with this location as one of the game’s first possible spawn points. It’s located at the very top northwest corner of the map. Even though it’s one of the first areas many will encounter, it’s also one of the best. It provides a large flat area which is ideal for building multiple types of structure. As a wide and open area, you’ll see the cannibals coming before they get too close. The beach also has a water source running straight through it, which is great for replenishing thirst and catching fish.

Highlighting North Beach base location area in Sons of the Forest Map

Empty Houses

Next to a beach in the northeast section of the map, you’ll find a series of empty prebuilt houses ready for you to move in at just a moment’s notice. It’s a great place to set up for those who don’t want to waste the time and resources to build their base from scratch. It’s a quick and effective option for those who want to get right into the thick of things. Just make sure to build some fences around your base to keep the cannibals at bay.

Highlighting Empty Houses base location area in Sons of the Forest Map

“Squidward” Island Base

The “Squidward” island base gets its name from the birds-eye view of the lake uncannily resembling everyone’s favourite grumpy octopus from Spongebob Squarepants. It just so happens that the island in the middle of the lake is a fantastic location to build your base. Being surrounded by water will prevent those pesky cannibals from getting to you. It’s a great early spot in the game, though it can be a little frustrating transporting wood to it. Also, beware when winter comes, as enemies will be able to get to you by crossing the frozen lake!

Highlighting Squidward Island base location area in Sons of the Forest Map

Waterfall Base

You can find this location in the northwest section of the map, a bit below the north beach area. The ideal place to build is in the shallower parts of the small lake, just in front of the waterfall. This is a great early-to-mid-game base location as it’s rich in natural resources and is easy to defend against oncoming attackers. Furthermore, the lake never freezes, which improves your defences and provides a location for year-round fishing!

Highlighting Waterfall base location area in Sons of the Forest Map

Golf Course

Found in the northeast section of the map, the golf course provides large open spaces to do as you please. This one’s more for late-game builds where you a looking to build impressive structures as your permanent base of operations. There are plenty of building resources about for you to get to work and its wide open spaces provide endless options for creativity. Just make sure you build up your defences!

Highlighting Golf Course base location area in Sons of the Forest Map

That’s all for the best base locations in Sons of the Forest. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.