Is Sons of the Forest Crossplay & Cross-Platform?

Sons of the Forest offers a fun survival horror simulator experience for PC players to enjoy, but is it crossplay and cross-platform?

Sons of the Forest is a unique survival horror that you can enjoy alone. However, perhaps the best and least scary way of playing it is with a group of friends. So, it’s only natural that now Sons of the Forest has exited Early Access, players are curious if they can play together across different platforms. If you’re wondering if Sons of the Forest allows this, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Below, we discuss if Sons of the Forest is crossplay and cross-platform.

Does Sons of the Forest have Crossplay?

Sons of the Forest does not support crossplay as it is currently a PC Steam exclusive. This means no crossplay exists between other platforms, such as Xbox and PlayStation. However, it may be possible in the future. The first game, The Forest, was available on PlayStation sometime after its initial release; however, it did not have any crossplay interaction. Developer Endnight Games has not confirmed if it has plans to port Sons of the Forest to other platforms, nor if it intends to add crossplay.

Image Credit – Endnight Games

Does Sons of the Forest have Cross-Platform Progression?

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest does not have cross-platform progression. Players will not be able to transfer their saved data onto other platforms. This is due to Sons of the Forest currently being a PC Steam exclusive. It is possible for cross-platform to be included in Sons of the Forest in the future if Endnight Games decides to release the Steam-exclusive game on other platforms. However, due to Sons of the Forest only recently exiting Early Access, it will be a long wait before something like that happens.

That’s everything you need to know about if Sons of the Forest has crossplay and cross-platform. If you want more information about Sons of the Forest, make sure to check out our Guide Hub.