Player encountering an NPC lyin prone next to a flare in Sons of the Forest 1.0

Sons of the Forest: All Changes in 1.0

Sons of the Forest’s much-anticipated 1.0 release launches today on PC – here are all the changes it brings to the game!

Sons of the Forest has been in Early Access since February 23, 2023, just shy of a year before its official release. Over that period, it has already received a steady stream of updates that enhanced the experience. Its 1.0 release adds a slew of updates that aim to improve the game even further. We go into all the new changes below.

Sons of the Forest 1.0 Changes

The Sons of the Forest 1.0 update adds new story elements to the game’s narrative, voice actors for some of the characters, updates to the map to improve exploration, new mutant enemies to face, and a variety of exciting new items and equipment to try your hand at. You can see a full list of all the changes below:

  • Timmy’s character is more developed
  • More points of interest to explore on the map
  • Raccoons!
  • GPS tracker on Golf Carts
  • Glider turtle shell jump pads
  • New armour
  • New NPCs
  • New mutants to fight
  • Final Artifact piece

You can watch the 1.0 trailer below, which sheds some details on what’s coming in Sons of the Forest.

Some of the most exciting new additions to Sons of the Forest are the new story elements set to release with 1.0. Timmy, a child character from the game’s early days, is now all grown up. He has an expanded role in the story and is voiced by Shawn Ashmore. There will also be a new area to engage in boss fights, as well as interesting set pieces to make the narrative feel more dynamic.

Exploration is improved in Sons of the Forest 1.0. Raccoons make their way to the game as a way of breathing new life into its lush locales. Additionally, you can stumble on new points of interest to explore and NPCs to talk to while traversing through the world. You’ll also encounter some new mutant enemies along the way, so make sure you stay vigilant!

Turtle Shell Jump Pad in Sons of the Forest 1.0

On top of all of the new story and exploration additions, 1.0 also brings some new equipment to improve gameplay. There is a new GPS tracker on the Golf Cart, which allows you to keep your bearings, and a turtle shell glider jump pad to make traveling long distances a breeze. That’s all there is to know about the new changes in Sons of the Forest 1.0. For more guides just like this one, be sure to head over to our Guide Hub.