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Skull and Bones: Is There A Money Glitch?

Silver is king in Skull and Bones and can make a pirate’s life easy, but can you duplicate it in a money glitch? We have the answer for you.

Like any regular pirate would want, the more money in Skull and Bones, the better. It can be exchanged to upgrade your ships, acquire better weapons, and more. Players can earn it by completing various activities across the Open Sea. However, some players may not fancy the grind, and would rather make their fortunte as quickly as possible through money glitches. Unfortunately, those players may be a little disappointed, at least, for now.

Is There A Money Glitch in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones has no known money glitch for players to duplicate their Silver at this time. However, it is possible and likely that the ability to clone your Silver will be discovered in the future, especially as more glitches and exploits appear over time. So far, players haven’t discovered any significant glitches in the game. However, these sorts of exploits generally appear after a few days of playing, if not weeks. So, if you’re planning on waiting for a money glitch, you may have to be patient.

Fortunately, Silver is not particularly hard to come across in the game. It can be earned by completing different tasks and finding it in Treasure Chests. However, using a money glitch allows players to purchase whatever they like for their ship and character without the inconvenience of having to grind out the game for a prolonged time.

Skull and Bones ship screen

Of course, we’ll make sure to update this article if a money glitch is discovered in the future. For now, that is everything to know about a money glitch in Skull and Bones. For more guides like this one, make sure to check out our Guide Hub.