Manor Lords third-person gameplay

Manor Lords: How to Enter Third-Person Mode

Players can enter a unique third-person mode in Manor Lords that allows them to explore their own settlement. Here’s how it works.

While micromanaging your settlements from above like an omniscient god is a lot of fun in Manor Lords, exploring it in person is an absolute delight. However, while many may know this feature exists, it can be hard to figure out which button you’re supposed to press to enter the third-person mode. Fortunately, we’ve explained how it all works below.

How to Enter Third-Person Mode in Manor Lords

To enter Manor Lords’ third-person mode, you need to click on the eye icon on the bottom left of your character portrait. You can locate this at the top right corner of the screen. This will enter Visit Mode, which is a third-person exploration mode. However, as it states before selecting it, the mode is extremely temperamental and is prone to being very glitchy.

While in Visit Mode, you’ll be able to stroll around the map, including around your village, as a generic character and not one that resembles your character portrait. You can even watch battles happening and stroll right into the middle of combat. However, you cannot interact with anything, nor can you enter any buildings that have doors. There will be a few buildings you can glitch into, such as the church, but you won’t find anything inside them. Additionally, you cannot fight in battles, and enemies can’t attack you. All you can do is watch the carnage unfold.

The Visit mode button in Manor Lords
In-game screenshot

This mode is definitely meant more for aesthetic purposes than anything else. Slavic Magic, the developer of Manor Lords, has stressed that it isn’t an RPG. The Visit Mode is more for players to see the beauty of the game’s visuals, as well as their own land up close and personal. It’s possible that it will be expanded to have more features. However, we suspect you’ll want to spend the majority of your time from the top-down perspective, micromanaging your settlements. That’s everything you need to know about entering first-person mode in Manor Lords. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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