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XDefiant Public Server Test Session Happening This Weekend

After rumors pointed to a Server Test Session for XDefiant, Ubisoft has officially confirmed it’s happening this weekend.

Game Crater first covered the XDefiant beta in June 2023, when Chris Melnyk stated: “XDefiant looks like a promising addition to the shooter genre and is definitely worth playing. As someone who is losing touch with the modern evolution of first-person shooters, it feels as if classic fast-paced shooters are returning.” Unfortunately, since then, Ubisoft’s upcoming “COD Killer” has seen countless uncertainties, setbacks, and even reports of toxic work culture. Fortunately, there might finally be some hope for those still interested in playing the game.

XDefiant April Server Test Session

After being initially reported by Insider Gaming, Ubisoft has now confirmed that XDefiant will hold a Server Test Session on Friday, April 19, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/6pm BST/3am AEST. Players can also pre-load the Server Test Session right now on console by heading to their storepage and searching for XDefiant.

The Server Test Session will run until Sunday, April 21, at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/6pm BST/3am AEST. After it’s over, players hopefully won’t have to wait too long until it officially releases. The XDefiant dev team aims to lock in a launch date soon. They mentioned this publically in their last social media post update on March 29.

If you do want to pre-load it, the XDefiant Server Test Session file is only 30GB on Xbox Series X. So, it won’t take you too long to install it. However, it’s still worth doing it in advance so you can make the most of the limited time. That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Server Test Session for XDefiant. Are you still excited about the game or trying not to get your hopes up? Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for all the latest articles on the game.


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