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Skull and Bones: All Treasure Map Answers & Locations

There are a lot of Treasure Maps in Skull and Bones, many of which are incredibly confusing to follow. Fortunately, we’ve solved them all so you don’t have to.

Skull and Bones would not be a true pirate game if it didn’t feature Treasure Maps. These can lead you to some incredible treasures, including some of the best weapons for your ship. However, following their cryptic clues can be hard, so a helping hand is often necessary. Fortunately, that’s where we come in. Below, you’ll find the answers and locations to each Treasure Map in Skull and Bones.

How to Get Treasure Maps in Skull and Bones

There are 4 main ways to unlock Treasure Maps in Skull and Bones, including getting them as part of a main mission, as a reward for completing side quests, from looting enemy ships, and for completing PvP and PvE events. You will get Common and Legendary Treasure Maps as loot and for completing events. However, you will get Contract Treasure Maps for completing side quests and during main quests.

If you’re trying to hunt down every Common and Legendary Treasure Map, then you’ll want to board and loot as many ships as you can. A good strategy is to use your spyglass to scout ships ahead of combat to see if they have a Treasure Map onboard. That way, you won’t waste your time fighting a ship that results in no reward.

Skull and Bones Treasure Map
Skull and Bones Treasure Map

All Treasure Map Answers and Locations in Skull and Bones

Common Treasure Maps

Here are the clues and locations for every Common Treasure Map in Skull and Bones:

ClueTreasure Location
“I have left a full chest for you. My best option was to go to Reef Sea, Southwest of Sacred Tree.”Travel to Royal Burial Ground Outpost (south).
Go up the stairs, turn left, and follow the path past the water point. The chest is under a tree with an X on it.
“I sought safety in Sultani Island, northwest of Mother of Shipwrecks. Could this go down in legend? I hope so.”Travel to Kaa Mangrove Outpost (southwest). Turn right and head down the wooden path.
“Rogues pounced on me near Chichomneah Jungle, southeast of Ruins of Luk Khun.”Travel to Lost City of Prei Outpost (northeast). Turn left and keep going until you find a turtle painting on a rock.
“I hastily landed in Pembe, north of The Navigator’s Cross, and buried the chest there when no one was watching.”Travel to Pillar Tomb Outpost (northwest). Climb up the stairs and the treasure is at the top.
“We were boarded off Tenina Coast, southeast of the Mother of Shipwrecks.”Travel to Fort Louis Outpost (south). Find a rock with a painting of a crab on it.

Contract Treasure Maps

Here are the clues and locations for every Contract Treasure Map in Skull and Bones:

Map NameHow to GetClueLocationReward
Lost Sea People RelicReward for completing the Relics of the Past Contract“One of our camps was raided by the Fara at Red Isle, Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis. We left our items there.”Travel to Fort Louis (south). Turn left and then keep going until you find a grave. Windswept

First Aid Station

Sea People Token x2


Sea People Bottom Case
Port l’HermineN/A“John Scurlock chose me to guard a chest, a stupid mistake. I decided for Port l’Hermine, southwest of Kokok Terapung. Good luck on your search!”Travel to The Oubliette Outpost (south). Head north until you find a torch, and then follow the beam of light to the treasure.7,100 Silver

Melusine’s Pose

x2 Lamba Cloth

x7 Iroko Plank
Caradec’s BountyAs part of the High Seas Heist Main Contract“Your job is simple. Kill the bastard and his crew. Succeed, and you will be rewarded handsomely. Travel to Reef Sea, Red Isle, then head to the Royal Burial Ground outpost for your reward.”Travel to Royal Burial Ground Outpost (south). Search for a wooden pole on the beach that has an X on it. x2 Brandy

Letter of Marque

Caradec’s Bounty

Bombard I

Campaign Progression
Agent’s CluesAs part of the Cutthroat Secrets Main ContractThe officers in Coast of Africa and Ziwa Kubwa remain trusting and unaware of any subterfuge. I have much to share, please seek out Sunken Goldmine.Travel to Sunken Goldmine Outpost (west). Head up the path until you reach a bonfire. The treasure is located next to the X.N/A
A Common Treasure Map

Old Treasure Maps

Here are the clues and locations for every Old Treasure Map in Skull and Bones:

Map NameClueLocationReward
Sultanate of Sohar“We were parched and starving but chanced upon an abandoned chest. Hands working for The Sultanate of Sohar helped me bury the loot in Coast of Africa. They haven’t seized me yet. I must hold out for just a little longer.”

Travel to Elder’s Cave Outpost (southwest). Head down the middle path and turn right before the entrance.3,748 Silver

Melusine’s Splendor

x2 Ornate Pistols

x5 Wine

x7 Juniper

Legendary Treasure Maps

Here are the clues and locations for every Legendary Treasure Map in Skull and Bones:

Map NameClueLocationReward

We will update this guide with any maps that we’ve missed when we discover them. Until then, make sure to check out our Guide Hub for more articles just like this one.

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