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Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta: Everything You Need To Know

Sea of Thieves is coming to PS5 this month, and Rare is providing a closed beta to experience it before release. Here is everything you need to know.

Sea of Thieves, the pirate adventure title by Rare, is finally heading to PlayStation 5 after many years of being a console exclusive to Xbox. PlayStation players anticipate the title, and the developer is launching a closed beta for players to try out the game before its launch day. Details for the beta have come out, and below, we provide all we know about the Sea of Thieves closed beta.

Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta Start and End Time

The closed beta for Sea of Thieves on PS5 starts on Friday, April 12, 2024, at 1 am PDT/4 am EDT/9 am BST/ 6 pm AEST and runs until Monday, April 15, 2024.

The announcement of the start time comes directly from the official Sea of Thieves account on X. The early morning launch for North America should help mitigate any server issues, as there won’t be a significant influx of players jumping on so early in the morning.

Who Can Participate in the Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta?

The Sea of Thieves PS5 closed beta is open to only players who preordered Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 consoles. However, a Microsoft account is needed to play the game on PS5. The closed beta is only for PlayStation players (no crossplay) and will only feature servers for that console.

This will allow players to get accustomed to Sea of Thieves without worrying about server capacity issues. Furthermore, it would not be an enjoyable experience for the new PlayStation players to be griefed by veteran PC and Xbox pirates. The closed beta experience provides all PlayStation 5 players with a fresh and equal start to the game. Therefore, no player has an advantage over the other. Additionally, having this closed beta for just PS5 players helps Rare gauge how many PlayStation players they can expect at launch.

However, on launch day, Sea of Thieves will feature full-functioning crossplay between PS5, Xbox, and PC. You can turn crossplay off if you prefer to continue playing with PlayStation players after the closed beta.

Sea of Thieves crew lineup
Image Credit – Official Sea of Thieves X Account

Are There Rewards For Participating in the Sea of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta?

Fortunately, players participating in the PS5 closed beta for Sea of Thieves will receive in-game items. The different rewards include ship sails, a title, and Renown levels.

Players who play the beta will receive the Dauntless Adventurer Ship Sails and the Dauntless Adventurer title for their character. These cosmetic items are exclusive to players who play the closed PS5 beta and, therefore, are PlayStation only. Additionally, Renown will be rewarded to players who participate in the PS5 closed beta. Renown is the form of Seasonal progression in Sea of Thieves, and by playing the beta, players will receive ten levels of it. The Renown will be awarded at the game’s launch and contribute to the progression of Season 12.

The bonuses are a nice touch for players taking part in the beta. Below, you can see what the Dauntless Adventurer Sails will look like.

Sea of Thieves Dauntless ship sails
Dauntless Adventurer Ship Sails, Image Credit – Official Sea of Thieves X Account

Does Progress Carry Over From the Closed Beta to the Full Game?

Yes, progress from the Sea of Thieves closed beta will carry over to the whole game. Players who earn any Renown, currency, and cosmetics during the beta from the Season 11 progression track will get to have them at launch. The confirmation comes from Rare itself.

That means players who may have been saving up any currency for a ship or fancy new clothes will be that much closer to their goals when the game launches. The progress carryover is going to be a significant relief for many players. The worry of re-earning the same stuff at the beginning of the game will no longer be an issue for those participating in the PS5 closed beta.

However, players can’t purchase exclusive cosmetics from the Pirate Emporium until launch, as it will be disabled in the beta. Moreover, those wanting to trophy hunt in Sea of Thieves cannot earn trophies in the closed beta, but progress towards any of the trophies will carry over to the release. This will provide a seamless transition to the full game for trophy hunters looking to platinum their next title.

Sea of Thieves ship battle
In-game Screenshot

What Can You Do In The PS5 Closed Beta?

Players can experience most of Sea of Thieves features in the PS5 closed beta. Gameplay features include sailing the seas, searching for treasure, completing contracts, etc.

The closed beta will offer a taste of different gameplay activities, and players can complete different contracts to earn money, such as defeating different bounties. Of course, the sailing of the seas will be present, so PlayStation players can captain a ship and sail the Sea of Thieves open world. Players can earn money to save up for a boat, as they will start by renting one, embark solo, or join others and search numerous islands for buried treasure. Those wanting to live dangerously can raid forts taken over by skeletons and steal their loot.

That is everything there is to know about the Sea of Thieves PS5 closed beta, including when it occurs, what rewards are offered, and much more. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub here for more details.


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