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Sea of Thieves is Coming to PlayStation & We Have a Release Date

PlayStation 5 players wanting to sail the waters of Sea of Thieves can do so when the game launches in a couple of months.

PlayStation players have wanted to experience the high seas fun of Sea of Thieves for many years. However, the game was exclusive to Xbox and PC, as Microsoft owns the developer Rare. However, after a recent Xbox Wire podcast, it was revealed that fortunes have changed. Players can play the pirate title much sooner than you think. Below, we provide the treasured knowledge of when Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5.

When Is Sea of Thieves Coming to PS5?

Sea of Thieves will arrive on PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. It will be available to be wishlisted on the PlayStation Store as of Thursday, February 22, 2024. PlayStation 5 players will join the buccaneer fun, alongside both Xbox and PC, for the beginning of the game’s 12th season of content. As the game will feature crossplay at launch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players will all be able to sail together and cause aquatic mayhem.

The game’s release is a significant shift for gaming. Its arrival marks the first time in Rare’s 39-year lifespan that they are publishing a title for PlayStation. Initially, Nintendo had partial ownership, which allowed for classic titles like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark, but Microsoft purchased Rare in 2002, and the games have been published on Xbox ever since.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Fleet screen
Image Credit – Rare

Sea of Thieves heading to PlayStation 5 is unexpected but one of the first to move from Xbox to PlayStation, alongside Hi-Fi Rush. While it is uncertain, there is the possibility that many Xbox games will come to PlayStation in the future. Until then, however, for the first time since its launch back in 2018, PlayStation players will be able to set up pirate crews, look for treasure, and explore the great blue when the game releases on the PlayStation 5.

That is everything to know about Sea of Thieves releasing on PlayStation 5. For more news on Sea of Thieves, be sure to sail over to our Guide Hub here.


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