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New Next-Gen Xbox Console Will Be the “Biggest Technical Leap Ever in a Generation”

According to a leaked internal email, progress on the next-gen Xbox console is underway, and it will offer the “biggest technical leap ever in a generation.”

Rumors and official information about the next Xbox console have been circulating for quite some time. However, outside of the leaked documents from last year, we’ve not had much to go on. Fortunately, a new piece of information has come to light, and it’s boasting that the next Xbox will be quite an impressive piece of tech.

Microsoft Moving “Full Speed Ahead” With Next-Gen Xbox Hardware

According to an internal email from Xbox president Sarah Bond, obtained by Windows Central, Microsoft is “moving full speed ahead” on the next Xbox console. The email, which was later verified by Microsoft, also states that the next-gen hardware will deliver “the biggest technological leap ever in a generation.”

Here is the full quote: “It’s been nearly six months since we came together as an organization. Our collective achievements in that timeframe are tremendous. Everyone should feel incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and excited about the opportunities ahead. We are moving full speed ahead on our next-generation hardware, focused on delivering the biggest technological leap ever in a generation.”

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While not much was said in terms of what technological leaps and bounds the next Xbox console will make, the email also discussed how Microsoft is integrating AI into more of its tech, including in the gaming space. On this topic, Bond said, “We are innovating in Gaming AI, focused on delivering player-first, developer-first value for discovery, engagement, and creator velocity.”

Next Xbox Console Releasing in 2028

Of course, back in 2023, documents from during the trial between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft over the Activision Blizzard buyout revealed a lot of information about the upcoming next-gen Xbox. This included that Microsoft plans on releasing the new Xbox in 2028.

It also stated that it will be a “next generation hybrid game platform” with a huge focus on combining both the base hardware and the cloud. It will potentially include an ARM64 CPU and an AMD GPU and be capable of “next gen DirectX ray tracing, dynamic global illumination, micropolygon rendering optimizations, and machine learning-based super resolution.”

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So, it’s safe to say that whatever Microsoft has up its sleeve, it will be pretty powerful. Of course, for now, all we’ve got to go on are the buzzwords of the company itself. It’ll likely be another 2 or so years before we see anything official ourselves. Are you excited or even ready for a next-gen Xbox console? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to check out our Guide Hub as well for more articles just like this one.

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