Rise of the Ronin What Is the Max Level Cap?

Rise of the Ronin: What Is the Max Level Cap?

Players can rank up their characters to unlock stronger skills to take on tougher enemies in Rise of Ronin, but what is the max level?

Despite being an open-world action game, Rise of the Ronin has an RPG-esque leveling system that will see you unlock more powerful skills and face tougher enemies as you progress. Players will need to focus on leveling up to get through the game’s main missions and the plethora of content they can stumble on while exploring. However, many players are eager to know if there is a max level cap so that they can fully complete everything the game has to offer.

What Is the Max Level in Rise of the Ronin?

The max level you can reach in Rise of the Ronin is likely to be level 100. The highest in-game indication of a max level cap is level 99 for one of the “Midnight” difficulty main story missions. Therefore, it can be assumed that the max level cap for Rise of the Ronin sits somewhere around level 99 or 100.

Rise of the Ronin indicates to the player the recommended level you need to be to tackle its story and side missions. After completing the main story, you can replay completed main missions at a higher difficulty. These Midnight missions are much more difficult than their original variants. When looking at the Midnight version of the game’s final mission, “The Veiled Edge” it recommends that you are at least level 99 to take it on.

The Veiled Edge level 99 Midnight difficulty mission in the menu of Rise of the Ronin
Image Credit – Twinfinite

Completing missions at higher difficulties will net you greater rewards and will grant you increased access to Masterwork gear. This is the rarest gear type in the game, making tackling Midnight missions more than worthwhile.

Rise of the Ronin: How to Level Up Fast

The best ways to level up fast in Rise of the Ronin are to complete Bond Missions, engage in side quests, complete Public Order Activities, and use specific equipment that grants experience bonuses. Here’s a breakdown of some of the best ways to level up quickly in Rise of the Ronin:

  • Complete Bond Missions
    • You can only participate in Bond Missions once you have gained enough affinity with some of your allies. If none have popped up, try playing through the main story a bit to further develop relationships with your crew.
  • Engage in Side Quests
    • You can participate in the plethora of side quests you will accumulate in a given playthrough. Completing them will net you a decent chunk of XP for little effort. Check the missions list to see if you can tackle any at your current level.
  • Complete Public Order Activities
    • Public Orders require you to head to specific points on the map (indicated with a red dot) to clear out large groups of enemies. You can defeat quite a few enemies in these encounters which adds up to a nice bit of XP.
  • Use Specific Unique Equipment
    • You’ll be looting quite a bit of weapons and gear during your time in Rise of the Ronin, but make sure to keep an eye out for its stats. Some gear will grant a bonus to XP gain. When stacked, this can add up!
Ronin aiming gun at enemy in a collapsed burning building in Rise of the Ronin

Focusing on some of the above activities should see you leveling up in no time! Be sure to check out how to get Skill points in Rise of the Ronin if you’re stuck there. For everything else on the game, head over to our Guide Hub.