Meilnoe mining Silver in Erebus using the Crescent Pick in Hades 2

Hades 2: How to Get All Tools

You’ll need to gather plenty of resources during your time in Hades 2, with each type requiring special Gathering Tools to extract them. Here’s how to unlock them all.

Similar to its predecessor, Hades 2 requires you to collect various resources while fighting your way through the dangerous, randomly generated floors of Tartarus. However, Melinoe has a few more tools at her disposal. During your playthrough, you’ll need these to collect the precious resources required to unlock and upgrade certain gear and Incantations. Below, we go through each Gathering Tool and how to get them.

All Tools in Hades 2, Explained

Each tool in Hades 2 gathers different essential resources you need to upgrade and unlock weapons, gear, and incantations in Hades 2. Check out the list below for what each Gathering Tool does and which resources you can collect by using each one:

  • Crescent Pick
    • Used to mine Silver, Bronze, Limestone, Marble, Iron, and Glimmer Rock in each region.
  • Tablet of Peace
    • Used to Collect Psyche after compelling Shades while exploring the Underworld.
  • Silver Spade
    • Used to dig seeds that you can plant in Soil Pots in the Crossroads.
  • Rod of Fishing
    • Used to catch fish.
Melinoe planting seeds in Soil Pots in Hades 2

How to Get All Tools in Hades 2

There are four Gathering Tools in Hades 2, each requiring a certain amount of resources to unlock and upgrade. You can find and equip tools at the Crossroads, where you equip your weapons. It’s very important to note that you can only equip one Gathering Tool at a time in Hades 2. This means you’ll need to know what resource you need before selecting which tool to take on a given run. Check out the table below for more information on how to unlock all Gathering Tools in Hades 2, including which resources they obtain and what you need to upgrade them to level 2:

Tool TypeRecipe RequirementsUpgrade Requirements
Crescent Pick1 Ash – obtained as a reward from basic encounters50 Ash
3 Marble
Tablet of Peace5 Silver – can mine Silver in Erebus
5 Psyche – can get as a reward from basic encounters
2 Bronze
2 Mandrake
Silver Spade10 Silver2 Lures
4 Driftwood
Rod of Fishing1 Bronze – mined from the Ephyra region
1 Fate Fabric – can purchase from the Wretched Broker

That’s all there is to know about how to get all Gathering Tools and what they do in Hades 2! For more guides just like this, be sure to check out our Guide Hub here.