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Remnant 2: Archetypes Guide Details

Remnant 2 Archetypes are changing from its predecessor. This shift brings fresh gameplay dynamics and strategies to explore.

With this guide, discover more about the new character types and see how many will be ready for you to play at launch. We also outline the perks, skills, and traits, for each Archetype.

How have Archetypes changed in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 has made big changes to the Archetype system. In the original, Archetypes were just starting gear based on certain play styles. But no matter what you started with, you could eventually get all your gear and abilities by playing the game.

In Remnant 2, the Archetype you start with matters. You still get a unique gear load out with each Archetype, including special armour, three unique weapons, and a unique Trait. But now, there are also Archetype Perks and Skills. These are new features you can unlock as you gain experience and level up your Archetype.

This already sounds like a lot to take in right? Well now double it! Remnant 2 allows players to choose a second Archetype to combine with their first to create their unique “class”. Double the Perks, double the Skills, and double the Traits.

So take everything you’ve learned so far and double the possibilities! Now that’s a game-changer. The only catch here is that you can only have one Prime perk, which is fixed on the first Archetype you chose.

Always wanted to play as a combined DPS and Support class? Now is your chance! Along with many more Archetype combinations just waiting to be tested.

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What are Archetype Perks?

Remnant 2 has five types of perks: Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic.

The Prime Perk symbolises the core identity of an Archetype and provides exclusive benefits. When you combine two Archetypes to create a Class, only the Prime Perk of the Archetype in the first slot gets activated. A gunslinger in the first slot would receive a benefit to ammo reserves where a Medic in the first slot receives a boost to their healing ability.

The Damage Perk is simple enough as it enhances your character’s damage. As you level up the Archetype, this perk’s effectiveness increases. It varies based on your Archetype, enhancing Ranged, Melee, Mod Power, or Skill Damage.

The Team Perk is a boost for your whole team, even if you’re playing solo. Teams perks can provide more ammo drops, shared healing, or improved team defence. Each Team Perk is unique and adds an extra layer to gameplay.

The Utility Perk plays a vital role in enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Considered a “Quality of Life” perk, it focuses on providing small but meaningful improvements that complement the gameplay elements of each Archetype. For example, if your Archetype relies on Sprinting and Evading, the utility perk may reduce stamina costs.

The Relic Perk is temporary, kicking in after using a Relic (Dragon Heart). These perks can turn the tide of battle but depend on your available Relic Charges. They’re tailored to the Archetype’s role, whether that’s dealing damage or providing support. It’s important to keep in mind that Relics also serve as your primary healing source. So, while they offer powerful enhancements, manage your relic usage wisely to ensure you have healing available when needed.

Remnant Enemy

How Many Archetypes Are There In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 has four Archetypes upon release. The Gunslinger, Handler, Challenger and Medic. Each with it’s own specialised perks, skills and traits.


Gunslingers are seen as the DPS class, which specialises in maximising as much damage as quickly as possible and dealing with enemies as quickly as possible in the process.


  • Swift Shot (Damage Perk): Gain 1.5% fire rate, 2.5% ranged damage. The perk stats increase with the Gunslinger level.
    • Upgraded Perk: Fire rate is increased to 15% and 5% for ranged damage.
  • Posse Up (Team Perk): Ammo pickups give 20% additional ammo per player with the bonus split equally among teammates. Ammo box consumables drop extra ammo.
    • An additional ammo box spawns on the ground and pickups award 30% more.
  • Quick Hands (Utility Perk): Weapons gain 10% reload speed.
    • Upgraded Perk: The bonus is multiplied by x2 if the magazine is empty.
  • Sleight of Hand (Relic Perk): Using a dragon heart reloads equipped weapons.
    • Upgraded Perk: increases ranged damage by 15% for 10 seconds.
  • Loaded (Prime Perk): When using any Gunslinger Skill, both weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite reserve ammo on all weapons for 5 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5, all weapons receive infinite ammo for 6.5 seconds. Level 10, the time is increased to 8 seconds.


  • Quick Draw: Pull out your side pistol and unload up to six rounds from the hip dealing 93 damage per shot. By pressing the button, all rounds will be fired toward enemies in a close radius. By holding the button and releasing it, players can manually control and fire each shot.
  • Side Winder: Increases ADS movement speed and draw/swap speed by 50%. Cycling weapons automatically reload the swapped firearm.
  • Bullet Storm: Traditional firearms become fully automatic. Bows and Crossbows gain 50% increased projectile speed and 25% critical chance. Increases fire rate by 20% and reload speed by 50%.

Archetype Trait – Gunslinger

The Gunslinger trait increases ammo reserves for the player based on level. Starting at an increase of 6% for level 1, up to a 100% increase at level 10.

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The Handler archetype is seen as the utility class of the game. Entrusted with a dog companion, handlers utilise them to defeat their enemies. Plus who wouldn’t want a furry sidekick on their journey?


  • Pack Hunter (Damage Perk): Gain both 3% ranged and skill damage while the dog companion is active and within close proximity.
    • Upgraded Perk: The ranged and skill damage is increased to 30%.
  • Spirit of The Wolf (Team Perk): Increases movement speed by 10%. All allies within the player’s radius match their movement speed (if faster). Reduces the stamina cost of all actions for all allies by 15%.
    • Upgraded Perk: All actions that allies conduct have stamina cost reduced by 15%.
  • Teamwork (Utility Perk): Both player and companion gain a 5% increased revive speed.
    • Upgraded Perk: Revive speed is boosted to 30%. While reviving, the player and companion receive 50% less damage.
  • Best Friend (Relic Perk): Using a relic fully restores companion health.
    • Upgraded Perk: Relic use grants the dog 25% damage and 35% damage resistance for 15 seconds.
  • Bonded (Prime Perk): When the player is downed, the companion will attempt to revive them at 50% of their max health. Can be used to revive allies with command. The downed ally must have a dragon heart in their inventory.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – Cooldown is reduced to 105 seconds from 120. Level 10 – Cooldown is reduced to a minute and a half.


  • Guard Dog: The dog companion will follow the player, it has 15% more threat and a 20% damage reduction. A single button press commands the dog to attack enemies. A double tap commands the dog to return to the player. Pressing and holding the button gives the dog a greater threat and a 15% damage reduction to all allies in close proximity.
  • Support Dog: The dog companion will continuously heal allies within close proximity for .25% of max health per second. Holding the button grants 2% of max health per second and 25% increased movement speed to all allies within a small radius.
  • Attack Dog: Focused on making a stronger companion, the dog gains 20% more damage. Holding the command button gives allies a 20% damage increase for 20 seconds.

Archetype Trait – Handler

Players reduce friendly fire dealt and received. Starting at an 8% damage reduction at level 1 and up to 80% at level 10.

Remnant 2 Handler
Handler, Image Credit – Remnant 2 Youtube


The tank class in Remnant 2 excels at absorbing enemy aggression and staying alive for as long as possible.


  • Close Quarters (Damage Perk): Players gain a 3.5% damage increase to all close enemies.
    • Upgraded Perk: Critical chance is increased up to 10%.
  • Intimidating Presence (Team Perk): Enemies within close proximity deal 10% less damage for 15 seconds after a Challenger skill is used.
    • Upgraded Perk: An extra 2.5% damage reduction for each enemy that is affected, up to a maximum of 10%.
  • Powerlifter (Utility Perk): Stamina use for every weight bracket is reduced by 50%.
    • Upgraded Perk: The 50% reduction is applied to stamina use and stamina regeneration delay.
  • Face of Danger (Relic Perk): Using a relic within the presence of danger gives the player stacks of the “bulwark” buff.
    • Upgraded Perk: Damage increase of 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Die Hard (Prime Perk): After falling to fatal health levels, the player takes no damage for 2 seconds and regains 50% of their max health. The ability has a 10-minute recharge.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – Invulnerability increased to 2.5 seconds, with max health gained increased to 75%. Level 10 – Invulnerability increased to 3 seconds, with max health increased to 100%.


  • War Stomp: Players create a shockwave in a forward cone direction that deals massive damage, with damage being dealt to enemies all around within point-blank distance.
  • Juggernaut: Players gain the bulwark buff as well as both an increase to movement and melee speed of 15%. A massive buff of 50% melee damage is also applied to the player and stagger damage is reduced by 1.
  • Rampage: A fire rate increase of 15%, reload speed of 20%, and movement speed of 10% are bestowed on the player when activating the skill.

Challenger Archetype Trait

Players using the Challenger class can expect to have a weight cost reduction with every increase in the archetype level. The effect starts at a reduction of -1 for level 1 and up to a -10 in weight reduction for level 10 of Challenger.

Challenger - Remnant 2
Challenger Archetype, Image Credit – Youtube


Medics in Remnant 2 play a crucial role in enhancing survivability during battles by providing healing and support to both themselves and the team.


  • Invigorated (Damage Perk): Good for players looking to soften up enemies while being an aid. The perk provides a 2.5% damage increase.
    • Upgraded Perk: 5% bonus to critical chance.
  • Benevolence (Team Perk): Helps increase the dragon heart healing by 15%. It also grants 30% healing to allies in the radius.
    • Upgraded Perk: Any teammate below 35% health, gains 60% back.
  • Backbone (Utility Perk): Increases the hits players can take before grey health kicks in by 1. Grey health is the new system where half of the damage received is converted to grey health. Grey health can be recovered slowly.
    • Upgraded Perk: The number of hits is increased to 2.
  • Benefactor (Relic Perk): Medics can heal 20% faster with a dragon heart.
    • Upgraded Perk: Players gain a boosted reduction of stagger by -1
  • Regenerator (Prime Perk): Once medics restore 350 health to allies, a relic use is given back. Resting or gathering at the Worldstone resets the health needed. The accumulation of health to activate perk stacks by 50% per player in the team.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – Total health needed is decreased to 300. Level 10 – Health needed to activate is lowered to 250.


  • Wellspring: Players create a small healing area that heals all team members within it. Giving over 10 health per second and lasting 15 seconds.
  • Healing Shield: All teammates are shielded within the medics’ area of effect. The shield provides 100% of max health as well as regenerates 30% of their max health over 10 seconds.
  • Redemption: Medics revive downed teammates in a radius with them receiving 25% of max health back. Allies caught within receiving 75%. The longer medics use the skill, the more healing stacks. However, if an ally is downed again, they cannot be revived with the skill for over 2.5 minutes.

Medic Archetype Trait

The archetype trait for medics focuses strictly on healing. Starting at an increase in healing by 3% at level 1 and up to 50% with reaching level 10.

Remnant 2 Medic
Medic Archetype, Image Credit – Youtube


Hunters specialize in the high damage numbers on an enemy. They focus on using precision to find and penetrate enemy weak points to output the most damage.


  • Dead to Rights (Prime Perk): Hunter skill durations are extended as long as they are actively hitting enemy weak spots. Enemies are also marked to the Hunters and the team, and they can be seen through walls. Lastly, enemies are more susceptible to critical damage from players.
    • Upgraded Perk: Duration is extended by 3 seconds for Level 5. The timer is extended to 3.5 seconds for achieving Level 10.
  • Deadeye (Damage Perk): Players gain 4% damage for ranged weapons and a 1.5% damage increase to enemy weak points.
    • Upgraded Perk: 40% ranged damage and 15% weak point damage increase.
  • Return To Sender (Team Perk): Enemy kills caused by weak points and critical hits give an ammo drop increase of 25%. The damage to weak points ascends with Hunter level.
    • Upgraded Perk: Percentage increased to 50%.
  • Urgency (Utility Perk): Hunters gain a reload speed increase of 15% after defeating an enemy, the effect continues for 3 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: Movement speed is also boosted by 15% for 3 seconds after defeating an enemy.
  • Intuition (Relic Perk): A relic use helps to extend any active skills by 5 seconds. However, with many uses consecutively, the effect dilutes.
    • Upgraded Perk: Relic use improves skill length by 10 seconds.


  • Hunter’s Mark: All enemies within a 35-meter area are debuffed with a 15% critical chance increase against them known as “Mark”, for all players. The Hunter that uses the skill also has a 15% increase to both ranged and melee damage and lasts for 25 seconds.
  • Hunter’s Focus: Aiming at an enemy gives the “Mark” debuff and aiming for a little longer gives the Hunter a buff of 75% reduction on weapon sway, recoil, and spread. As well as granting 25% ranged and weak point damage and a 10% ranged critical chance boost.
  • Hunter’s Shroud: Hunter becomes invisible, with the effect lasting 15 seconds. However, by attacking or using any mods or skills, the effect will wear off. The Hunter returns invisible after no offensive action for a second. Hunters that leave the shroud will give the “Mark” debuff to enemies in close proximity. Also granting 50% ranged and melee damage that dilutes over the duration.

Hunter Archetype Trait

Also known as “Longshot”, the Hunter trait increases the weapon’s range, giving the hunter a further distance to exercise their perks from. The first rank of the trait starts by adding 60 cm to the weapon’s range, with level 10 receiving an additional 600 cm.

Remnant 2 Hunter
The Hunter


The Alchemist archetype is unlocked by crafting the “Philosopher’s Stone” engram which can be retrieved from the Manticora in the world of Losomn. The class primarily focuses on delivering buff to the allies on the team.


  • Spirited (Prime Perk): Gives the Alchemist an additional buff known as “Concoction” to have active.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – Another concoction buff can be active for a total of 2. Level 10 – The number is increased to a max of 3.
  • Liquid Courage (Damage Perk): A boost of 2.5% is given to all outputs of damage.
    • Upgraded Perk: 25% damage increase as well as 5% crit chance.
  • Panacea (Team Perk): Helps to cure allies in close proximity from negative effects, as well as granting additional resistance to debuffs.
    • Upgraded Perk: Allies receiving the effect also gain a 10% status resistance.
  • Gold To Lead (Utility Perk): A 15% chance bonus of receiving ammo when picking up scrap.
    • Upgraded Perk: Picking up metal also grants a chance to gain ammo.
  • Experimentalist (Relic Perk): A random buff is dished out to the Alchemist and is active for 30 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: Buff is applied to allies close to the Alchemist and time is increased to 1 minute.


  • Stone Mist: A 10-second mist that applies a buff. The buff effects reduce incoming damage by 25%, reduce stagger, and allow the target to be immune to status effects for 15 seconds. If the Alchemist presses the skills button, the vial is used on them but if they hold the button, they can aim to send it to an ally. Plan accordingly as the cooldown is 72 seconds.
  • Frenzy Dust: Grants the receiver a frenzy buff, which gives a boost to fire rate, reload, and melee speed by 20%. Movement speed is also increased by 15%. Choosing who to use the vial on works universally for each skill with the Alchemist. The cooldown time is 72 seconds.
  • Elixir Of Life: Grants the “Living Will” buff to whoever receives the vial. The buff grants a regeneration boost of 5 health a second. Also a big bonus of protecting the receiver from fatal damage as well as revive downed players if healed fully. Revived allies can gain a Living Will buff for 3 minutes. The cooldown time needed is 86 seconds.

Alchemist Archetype Trait

Known as “Potency”. Alchemists receive a boost to the duration of consumable effects. At level 1, the duration is increased by 10%, with level 10 gaining a 100% increase.

Remnant 2 Shooting



  • Lucky (Prime Perk): A 10% boost to player chance is given, allowing for a better opportunity for additional items to spawn. As well as higher rarity items to drop from strong enemies being defeated.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – The chance is increased to 20%. Level 10 – The chance is brought up to 35%.
  • Scavenger (Damage Perk): Damage dealt is increased by half a percent for every pickup for 15 seconds. Continuous stacks help to extend the duration up to a maximum of 5 stacks.
    • Upgraded Perk: Critical chance is given a 5% increase to the player.
  • Metal Detector (Team Perk): A boost of 10% to ammo, currency, and metals drop chance is bestowed upon the entire team.
    • Upgraded Perk: A chance for consumables to spawn from chests opening.
  • Prospector (Utility Perk): Relic Fragments found by an explorer with the perk, will drop at a higher quality then if the perk was not equipped.
    • Upgraded Perk: If a gem is picked, there is a 5% chance of getting a duplicate.
  • Self Discovery (Relic Perk): A relic use refreshes stacks and keeps stack decay at bay for 15 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: +30 stack is added after relic use.


  • Plainswalker: Movement Speed for the Explorer and allies is increased by 20% as well as an 80% reduction of stamina use for 30 seconds. The skill needs a cooldown period of 1 minute.
  • Gold Digger: The explorer digs a random buff fountain out of the ground that lasts for 45 seconds. The buff itself lasts on the player for 15 seconds, allowing the explorer to continue re-receiving the buff. It has a cooldown period of 44 seconds.
  • Fortune Hunter: The explorer and all allies within a close radius receive a boost to reveal special items for 1 minute. Cooldown is around a minute and a half.

Explorer Archetype Trait

The trait for Explorers is known as “Swiftness” and helps increase the speed of movement for the player. At level, the boost is 1%, with level 10 of the explorer class gaining a boost of 15%.

Screenshot - Remnant 2
Remnant 2 Screenshot, Image Credit – Steam


The Summoner class utilizes in having NPC’s to fight the player’s battles and turn the tide. Adding buffs to the minions in order to push the odds in the player’s favor more.


  • Ruthless (Prime Perk): By damaging the minion, buffs of 30% damage increase, attack speed, and movement speed are bestowed upon the minion for 20 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: Level 5 – The buff for minions is increased to 40%. Level 10 – The final increase given to the buff for minions is 50%.
  • Dominator (Damage Perk): Both mod and skill damage is boosted by 3.5% while a minion is active. When a minion is sacrificed, a boost of 3% ranged and melee damage is given for 30 seconds or until the player brings in a new minion.
    • Upgraded Perk: Mod and skill damage are increased by 3.5% and skill crit chance is boosted by 5% while minions are present. When a minion is sacrificed, ranged and melee is given a 30% boost, as well as a melee critical chance by 5% for 30 seconds.
  • Residue (Team Perk): Minions that despawn drop an aura for 10 seconds which heals for 2.5 health a second.
    • Upgraded Perk: Healing is increased by 20%
  • Outrage (Utility Perk): When a minion is sacrificed, a lifesteal of 3% is diverted to the player for each minion over a 10-second period.
    • Upgraded Perk: Movement speed is also increased by 15% over the duration.
  • Incite (Relic Perk): When a relic is used, minions are healed for 5% of their max health per second and they deal 15% more damage for 30 seconds.
    • Upgraded Perk: The critical chance for the minions is also increased by 15%.


  • Minion – Hollow: By pressing the skill button, a root hollow is summoned, costing 15% of your max health. Players can have 2 summoned at once. If the skill button is held, the minion will be sacrificed and explode, dealing 150 damage within a very close radius. The skill cooldown time is reduced depending on the minion’s health. The cooldown is 29 seconds.
  • Minion – Flyer: A flying root enemy is summoned, 2 can be summoned at once. The summon costs 10% of the player’s health. If the Flyer is sacrificed, it will deal 50 damage in close range and launch projectiles that deal over 150 damage each. Cooldown for the skill is 44 seconds.
  • Minion – Reaver: Costing 35% of max health to summon brings 1 Reaver into the fight. If sacrificed, it will deal 200 damage in the small area and deploy bombs that deal 200 damage. The Reaver cooldown is 117 seconds.

Summoner Archetype Trait

The Summoner trait is called “Regrowth” and provides health regeneration, with more health being received, the higher the level. Level 1 receives .15 health a second back, with level 10 getting 1.5 health per second.

Remnant Enemy
Remnant 2 Enemy, Image Credit – Steam

Am I locked into my starting Archetype?

Players are not locked into their starting Archetype. While your starting Archetype determines your initial play style, you have the freedom to change it. In Remnant 2, you can switch your Weapons, Armor, Mods, Rings, and more, so it’s no surprise that you can also change your Archetype.

Even if you initially choose one Archetype, you can unlock and switch to others without starting a new game. However, there’s a catch—you’ll need to earn it. Once you change, you’ll need to level the new Archetype from the ground up to unlock its Perks, Skills, and Archetype Trait.

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