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XDefiant All Game Modes Explained

Free-to-play shooter XDefiant is expected to release soon and players can look forward to information on the modes coming at launch.

The FPS looks to provide a huge amount of content at launch, including many weapons and different factions for players to choose from. Naturally, the next aspect players can look forward to knowing are the different modes available when XDefiant launches later this year.

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Arcade Modes vs Linear Modes in XDefiant

XDefiant will feature two different mode variants at launch. Arcade modes focus on bigger maps with multiple elevations for players to fight the opposition. The modes of Domination, Occupy, and Hot Shot are considered arcade-style modes.

However, linear modes are the opposite. The featured maps are much longer and have both a start and an end to them. At the launch of XDefiant, there will be two modes that feature a linear playstyle: Zone Control and Escort.

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Arcade Modes


Domination in XDefiant sees teams compete to capture and control different labeled flags throughout the map. Three flags are placed and having a captured flag gives one point to your team, two flags – two points, etc. If all flags are captured by one team, the other team will gain no points and the team who has the most points by the end of the match or hits the score limit, wins.


This mode has similar characteristics to Domination, with a few key differences. Occupy has a rotating flag that teams must capture to gain points. The goal is the same as Domination, but the one flag shifting around the map keeps players on their toes. XDefiant’s Occupy is similar to Hardpoint from Call of Duty.

Hot Shot

In Hotshot, when players are defeated they drop an item that must be picked up to add score to their team. If a player is eliminated and their teammate picks up their item, it stops the opposition from scoring a point. If a player grabs more tokens than others, they become known as the “Hot Shot”, dealing increased damage and moving faster, until defeated.

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Linear Modes

Zone Control

Zone Control features a likeness to Domination and Occupy by having players capture moving zones. In this mode, the two teams are split between Attackers and Defenders. The team on the offensive must capture a point, and after doing so, will unlock the next point. This process repeats until all five areas are captured. The goal of the defensive team is to prevent this and push the opposition back to the first point until the match time ends.


In Escort, the attacking team must push the payload to a preset destination at one end of the map. Scattered along the payload’s path are checkpoints that add time to the match and allow for extended opportunities to get the payload where it needs to go. Players on the defending team must keep the payload from being moved until the match clock runs out. However, if it reaches the checkpoints, the team must contend with the payload not moving for longer.

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