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Remnant 2: How to Get The Apocalypse Weapons

With new details on Remnant 2 items becoming available by the day, here is how you can unlock the most powerful weapons in the game; the Apocalypse Weapons.

Along with many other hidden items such as amulets, rings, and armor, many weapons can also be found throughout the game. Aside from boss and dungeon weapons, there are powerful tools known as Apocalypse Weapons that players can obtain, and here is exactly how you can get them.

Repuslor - Remnant 2
Repulsor – Long Gun

How Many Apocalypse Weapons Are There?

Players can earn up to four different purchasable Apocalypse Weapons by completing the game in Apocalypse mode. While you can unlock some of the weapons on an easier difficulty, completing the game on Apocaplyse will save you time and open the ability to buy all the Apocalypse Weapons. Here are the weapons along with their associated mods:

  • Repulsor (Long Gun): A mid-range long gun, good for any class that wants to function as an assault or DPS player. A futuristic-looking weapon and one with an interesting mod to accompany it. Available to those who complete the game on Nightmare.
    • Banish (Weapon Mod): When hit with the mod, enemies or allies will be sent to another dimension for four seconds. When enemies are brought back, they will take 1.25x damage from the Repulsor’s shots for eight seconds. Stronger foes will not be sent away but will take continuous damage from the debuff until it runs out.
  • Starkiller (Long Gun): A long-range weapon that comes with a 2.5x zoom capability. Reminiscent of a weapon that could be made by the Root, as it looks to be completely made of wood. Available to buy after beating Apocalypse difficulty.
    • Gravity Core (Weapon Mod): A gravity well in the shape of a sphere that continually pulls enemies in for five seconds. If enemies are caught in the well when it explodes, it will deal massive damage to those in the close vicinity.
  • Savior (Long Gun): Another long-range weapon that excels in dealing higher damage to individual targets, not just because of its lower magazine but also the strong mod it carries. Can be purchased after a clear of Hardcore Veteran.
    • Shatterstar (Weapon Mod): Shots are fused with fire, casing burning status effect. It deals 10 damage a second and the mod lasts for 20 seconds. Additionally, shots that hit weak points and also cause kills will splinter and hit other enemies for more damage.
  • World’s Edge (Sword): A greatsword that is great at crowd control and great for any class but best suited to those in the Challenger archetype. Can be bought for scrap after beating the campaign on Apocalypse.
    • Horizon Strike (Weapon Mod): Charge attacks send out horizontal waves that go through many enemies at the same time.
Savior Weapon
Savior, Long-Gun Weapon

How can you get the Apocalypse Weapons in Remnant 2?

The Apocalypse weapons are powerful instruments of destruction, each possessing a unique visual design. They are only obtainable by completing a roll of the Remnant 2 campaign on the Apocalypse difficulty. However, the downside is the difficulty is not accessible right away. Players must play through the campaign on any other difficulty level to unlock the “Apocalypse”.

After defeating the final boss called “Annihilation” in Apocalypse difficulty, the weapons will be available for purchase from Brabus at Ward 13. He is located in the shooting range area of the hub.

As a heads-up, players should make sure to have their load-outs prepped and maxed out. As well as have all trait points acquired and have a second archetype equipped to their character before heading into Apocalypse difficulty.

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