Blue Sparkle Stone Remnant 2 Invader Archetype
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Remnant 2: Where to Find All The Archetype Engrams

Remnant 2 is out and players are uncovering secrets, like hidden archetypes, all the time, and here is the guide to find them.

Besides hidden bosses and treasures in Remnant 2, there are hidden Archetypes being uncovered and secret items known as “engrams” are needed for them. If you’re wondering where to find them, then you’ve come to the right place.

Engram - Challenger
Challenger Engram, In-Game Screenshot

What is an Engram in Remnant 2?

Engrams are brand-new items introduced with Remnant 2 and while some can be found by doing unique prerequisites, others are found by just purchasing them from vendors in Ward 13.

The engrams are one of the things needed to obtain new Archetypes, although, they are not just unlocked by having them.

How to Craft A Secondary Archetype Engram

Once you have the engram you wish to use, players must then have it crafted by an NPC in Ward 13 named Wallace. He is located on the second level of the crane positioned at the docks of the ward.

Besides the engram itself, players must have ten Lumenite Crystals and 1,000 scrap in order to fulfill the order. So make sure you are prepped with all three items and you will have a secondary Archetype of your choosing.

Where to Find Engrams for Each Remnant 2 Archetype

Ward 13 – Base Archetype Engrams

The base archetype can also be switched out by purchasing an engram from a merchant at Ward 13. The engrams are as follows:

  • Medic Pin: Purchasable from Dr. Norah at her station in Ward 13 – Unlocks the Medic.
  • Broken Whistle: Can be bought from Mudtooth in Ward 13 – Unlocks the Handler class.
  • Rusty Medal: Bought from Brabus at the firing range in Ward 13 – Unlocks the Hunter.
  • Old Metal Tool: Purchased from Reggie (beside Mudtooth) in Ward 13 – Unlocks the Challenger.
  • Worn Cylinder: After completing your second world in the campaign mode, listen to 20 of Mudtooth’s stories – Unlocks the Gunslinger archetype.
Hunter Engram
Hunter Engram, In-Game Screenshot

Hidden Archetype Engrams

Hidden throughout the different worlds of Remnant 2 are engrams that, when their prerequisites are completed, can be used to unlock the following archetypes:


Philosopher’s Stone: The engram can be earned from the world of Losomn, in the Dran overland areas of Ironborough, Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Lemark District.

Once there, players must approach any sewer drain on the map’s edge until they are grabbed by a creature called the Manticora.

After being teleported to the White Manticora boss fight and defeating it, the Philosopher’s Stone will be available. Crafting this with Wallace will unlock the Alchemist.

Root Earth

Broken Compass

Easily obtained by completing an entire playthrough of the campaign mode. The engram should be on the final location of Root Earth, in the Blackened Citadel. Unlocks the Explorer.

Wooden Shiv

Players will need to travel to the Corrupted Harbor in Root Earth, and locate the Blue Sparkle Stone. Then, you must use the Dreamcatcher weapon on the Blue Sparkle Stone to get a consumable item called the “Walker’s Dream”. Using the item will spawn a boss called Bane.

Defeating the boss will reward you with the Wooden Shiv, and unlock the Invader archetype when you return to Wallace.


Alien Device

The engram can be found on the outer reaches of either open world area of N’Erud rolls, the areas are called The Eon Vault, Abyssal Rift, Phantom Wasteland, or Timeless Horizon.

However, it may be hard to find, so it is encouraged to use the “Fortune Hunter” skill from the Explorer Archetype. Finding the device and taking it to get crafted allows the Engineer class to become available to equip.


Faded Grimoire

The Faded Grimoire can be found by purchasing it from the Bloodmoon Alter in Yaesha’s Forbidden Grove area for 15 Bloodmoon Essence.

The altar is a grey-looking pedestal that is indicated as blue on the game’s map. Players can obtain essences by killing floating root wisps during a Bloodmoon (red moon) in any of the open-world segments of Yaesha.

Once the grimoire is purchased and crafted, the Summoner class will be available.



To craft the Hexahedron Engram, players must first obtain the Strange Box which is located in the Backrooms. Keep exploring The Labyrinth until you discover a red locked door.

To open the door, you need the following:

  • Engram Explorer with skill Fortune Hunter (LV10)
  • Engram Invader with skill Worm Hole (LV5)
  • Armor set Realmwalker
  • Relic Consumable Void Heart
  • Leto’s Amulet
  • Amber Moonstone
  • Black Cat Band
  • Zanias Malice
  • Anastasijas Inspiration
  • Cube Gun
  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • Labyrinth Staff.

Going through the door with send you to the Backrooms, and you must explore this area until you find the Strange Box. This is believed to unlock the Archon archetype.

Handler Engram
Handler Engram, In-Game Screenshot

Remnant 2 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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