Remnant 2 PS5 Review: Fresh Paint and Upgraded Parts

Ever since the release date announcement of Remnant 2 during the 2023 edition of Summer Game Fest, I was anxiously waiting to delve into the grim and mysterious worlds of Remnant after having previously played the precursor, Remnant: From The Ashes.

Fortunately, I can say with absolute certainty, I have not been disappointed with the sequel. Right off the bat when I booted the game, I felt back at home. After designing my character, I was thrown into the ruined Earth of the Remnant series.

The initial tutorial filled me with confidence that I would be well-equipped for my upcoming expedition, providing comprehensive explanations of each action and ensuring I understood the purpose behind them. When I reached the end of it, I picked my Archetype — or class — and embarked on my journey to protect the multiverse.

Remnant 2 - In Game Screenshot
Remnant 2 In-Game Screenshot

Endless Replayability and Fantastic Content in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 features a plethora of content for players to enjoy. It offers three difficulty modes, Survivor, Veteran, and Nightmare; Ten different Archetypes; and a lengthy campaign with additional endgame content.

Although traces of other ARPG titles like Diablo 4 can be sensed, Remnant 2 sets itself apart with a distinct and organic feel, showcasing its own array of unique features. Notably, the inclusion of mods adds a fresh dimension to gameplay, enabling players to augment their weapons with various abilities. For instance, one such mod empowers players to fire bullets inflicting fire damage and burning effects on enemies. There is a vast selection of mods obtainable through quests and boss encounters across the different worlds, ensuring abundant options for customization and replayability.

Speaking of worlds, Remnant 2 is absolutely gorgeous. From the post-apocalyptic Earth to the intricately constructed N’Erud, each world presents its own unique charm. The dungeons are riddled with secrets, hidden temples, and tombs, enhancing the game’s deep exploration. In addition, Remnant 2 provides the ability to refresh the world, permitting changes to maps, bosses, and dungeon layouts, giving players limitless opportunities to indulge in the captivating gameplay loop of Remnant 2.

In-Game Screen, Remnant 2
In-Game Screenshot

Technicality Shines on Through

For me, one of the most crucial aspects of any game is how it feels and plays. If the gameplay isn’t top-notch, it can significantly hinder my overall experience, and make it difficult to remain engaged. Overall, Remnant 2 surpasses my expectations in this regard, particularly when it comes to combat.

Despite being developed by a smaller studio, the gunplay and character movement feel exceptionally smooth, especially in high-traffic enemy encounters. There’s no hint of rigidity or robotic movements, which I find to be an enormous positive. In both its predecessor and Remnant 2, I haven’t experienced any frustrating deaths due to faulty gunplay or clunky character control. Fortunately, this level of responsiveness and fluidity makes me feel on par with the challenging foes I face, heightening the overall thrill of the gameplay.

However, it isn’t just the gameplay that feels great; the technical elements of the game also feel polished. As a next-gen-only title offered on the PlayStation 5, Remnant 2 provides players with three different modes for performance on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

The quality mode enhances visuals but locks the frame rate at 30fps, the performance mode offers at least 60fps uncapped, and the balanced mode maintains a steady 60fps while delivering high-quality visuals. I’ve tried both the balanced and quality modes, but I prefer sacrificing a few frames for a smoother experience, opting for the balanced mode, where the frame rate remains stable at 60fps with only minor drops during boss fights.

Remnant 2 Worldstone Checkpoint, In-Game Screenshot

Error: No Crossplay Found

Although there are some loading screens when transitioning between worlds and dungeons, they are surprisingly short, usually taking a maximum of about ten seconds when loading into a dungeon, and often even less than that. The loading screens, while present, are not as bothersome as one might expect. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a notable exception in the hub world known as the Labyrinth, where moving to different parts of the area happens instantaneously without any loading required. This seamless transition further enhances the immersive experience Remnant 2 provides.

One aspect that left me disheartened and taken aback was the absence of crossplay in Remnant 2 at launch. In this advancing gaming landscape, many titles are embracing crossplay, a defining feature that enables players to experience the game together across different platforms. The lack of crossplay does have a slight impact on the game, as the core gameplay revolves around cooperative play.

Although the absence of crossplay doesn’t completely discourage me from playing, I find it odd considering that its predecessor already features crossplay functionality between PC and Xbox. Therefore, this decision is quite disappointing.

Remnant 2 Evil
Root Enemy, Remnant 2

Remnant 2: A Story to be Desired

Remnant 2 features a campaign mode, but it’s an area that is somewhat lacking. While the gameplay shines brightly, it doesn’t quite align harmoniously with the campaign. The premise revolves around players traversing a world ravaged by evil forces from different dimensions, causing havoc not only on Earth but in other realms as well. The ultimate objective is to fight back and protect what remains of humanity. However, similar to its predecessor, the campaign falls short.

Although there are some likable characters, such as weapons master Riggs and the alien-like inhabitant Dwell, the actual narrative struggles to compete with the captivating gameplay. Key story elements, like the reasons behind the enemies’ actions or insights into the world, are primarily delivered through lore books scattered around or incredibly lengthy dialogue segments. These dialogues can become so protracted that it almost feels like I’m playing a visual novel.

I certainly appreciate the importance of lore and world-building in a game, but when the action takes center stage, I believe having some of the narratives presented through well-crafted cutscenes would have been a more effective choice. For players seeking a captivating story blended with gripping souls-like action, it’s essential to be prepared for some disappointment in that aspect when approaching Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 - Environment
Losomn, Image Credit – Steam

“Remnant 2 has so many different great options for experimentation.”

Remnant 2 introduces an upgraded class system known as Archetypes, elevating the gameplay experience from the previous game. After finishing the tutorial, players are presented with four distinct classes to choose from: Medic, Handler, Challenger, and Hunter — Gunslinger is also available for the preorder folk. The Archetype system has been greatly improved, offering diverse gameplay styles for each class, with no choice being considered inferior.

At the heart of each Archetype lies a unique perk known as the prime perk, which defines the standout characteristic of each class. For instance, the Handler’s dog companion possesses the ability to revive downed players or allies. Each class boasts its own traits, and the decision of what Archetype you pick primarily depends on players’ preferred playstyle.

As players progress in the game, they have the opportunity to unlock a second archetype for their character, granting access to all the features of that archetype, except for its prime perk. This brilliant addition elevates the gameplay loop to new heights.

Whether you want to play by focusing on weak spot damage as a Hunter, providing aid as a Medic, or unleashing high DPS as a Gunslinger, Remnant 2 has so many different great options for experimentation. The game’s depth lies in the vast array of gameplay possibilities available, making for an engaging and dynamic experience.

Remnant 2 World and Machines
Screenshot, Image Credit – Steam

“Remnant 2 is a genre-defining game and a must-have addition to any players catalog.”

Playing Remnant 2 continues to fill me with delight as I witness smaller companies producing high-quality games that can rival big-name titles in their respective genres. The success of games like Hades, winning numerous awards, provides hope that smaller studios receive the recognition they deserve and have the opportunity to create heartfelt games. Gunfire Games accomplishes precisely that with Remnant 2, a title crafted by passionate fans for fans.

Remnant 2 is a genre-defining game and a must-have addition to any player’s catalog. Given the vast amount of content and the replayability, the price of US$49.99 / AU$74.99 is absolutely acceptable. As a game that can be enjoyed both alone or with friends, Remnant 2 definitely makes an impact.

Remnant 2 Review
Remnant 2 provides incredible gameplay with stunning worlds and smooth combat. While the narrative might not be its strongest aspect, and the absence of crossplay is worth noting, these aspects should not deter players from embracing the masterful experience that Remnant 2 offers.
Stunning Worlds
Smooth Combat
Diverse Class System
Endless Replayability
Weaker Story Narrative
No Crossplay support at launch.

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