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Lethal Company: How to Beat the Bracken (Flower Man)

The Bracken (Flower Man) is not something you want to face in Lethal Company, but players can beat it, and here is how you do it.

Lethal Company is full of cooperative, fun, and deadly monsters to avoid. Unfortunately, sometimes, you might have to face the formidable foes that lie within. The Bracken is one such creature, and here are all the details on how to beat the creature and if it can truly be killed.

Can You Kill the Bracken in Lethal Company?

Yes, the Bracken can be killed in Lethal Company. However, more than one player is recommended.

Players wanting to take it down must have at least one melee weapon to damage it, while another player (or players) has equipment capable of stunning. Whether it is a Stun Grenade or the Zap Gun, doing so will cause the creature to be unable to lash out against the players and kill them.

The method works similarly to killing the Eyeless Dog in the game and is best for those wanting to take risks while defending their salvage.

Lethal Company Bracken Monster
Image Credit – The Nerd Stash

How to Beat the Bracken in Lethal Company

There are several ways to beat the Bracken in Lethal Company, including avoiding eye contact and listening for it as it stalks players. Below are some of the suggested ways that players can contend with the Bracken:

  • Avoiding eye contact: A strong solution. The Bracken locks on aggressively to a player that looks right at it. Therefore, it should not attack any players by not looking at it.
  • Maneuverability: Should you or any crewmate spot the Bracken, returning to that location later or going elsewhere is another safe choice.
  • Retreat: If someone is spotted by the Bracken, leaving the building immediately is the best course of action. The reason behind this is that the monster remains indoors, and heading for the outside should cause it to stop chasing players.

While these are more passive approaches to fighting against the Bracken, they may be helpful in saving you or the crew from being taken to the Bracken Room.

That is all there is to know on how to beat the Bracken in Lethal Company. For more guides on the game, make sure to head to our Game Hub here.


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