Lethal Company Eclipse

What are Eclipses in Lethal Company?

Eclipses are one of the many threats players will face in Lethal Company. Here is what they do and how to spot them.

Lethal Company tasks players with collecting different items to salvage for profit throughout each facility. However, many lethal monsters stand in the players’ way as they attempt to do their jobs. These monsters come in all shapes and sizes, with players desperately needing to avoid the stronger ones. Unfortunately, Eclipses, an in-game event, make this almost impossible, prompting players to wonder exactly how they affect the game. Below, we go into detail on what they are.

What are Eclipses in Lethal Company?

Eclipses are in-game events that occur randomly. They make the map become “Eclipsed,” an effect that increases the spawn rate of higher-threat enemies. Eclipses also cover moons in darkness, making it harder to explore them or see monsters around every corner. The status effect is a risk versus reward situation with the greater enemy spawns resulting in better loot for players to collect. Of course, it’s up to you whether encountering more Eyeless Dogs and Coil-Heads is worth the loot. Any players wanting to prepare ahead of time before heading to an Eclipsed area can refer to our Monsters Guide for Lethal Company to learn how to counter certain creatures.

How to Tell If a Location Is Eclipsed

You can tell a Moon has been Eclipsed in Lethal Company by checking the weather warning by its name on the ship’s terminal. The term “Eclipsed” will be in brackets, letting players know the moon is experiencing the phenomenon. Additionally, an Eclipsed Moon will look slightly darker during daytime, with the sun having a black ring around it. If you spot this while exploring, you know the Moon is experiencing an Eclipse. As Eclipses increase the spawn rate of the game’s harder enemies, it is recommended that you have more experience with Lethal Company and dealing with its monsters before attempting to loot an Eclipsed location.

That is all of the details on what an Eclipse is and what it does within Lethal Company. Anyone interested in details on the game can check out the Game Guide Hub for more.


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