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Hades 2: How Does the Wait Timer Work?

Hades 2 features wait timers for certain tasks, but it isn’t clear exactly how long you’ll need to wait until they’re done. Here’s what you need to know.

Wait timers in single-player games aren’t particularly common. This is largely because they’re a little tedious, requiring you to wait real minutes or even hours in order to get something. Hades 2 does feature wait timers, but it approaches them a little differently. Fortunately, to get your seeds to grow, you won’t be waiting particularly long.

Hades 2 Wait Timers, Explained

The wait timer in Hades 2 appears in specific tasks, namely whenever you’re planting seeds, buying something from Charon’s Stash, or ordering something from the Shrine of Hermes. The number the wait timer shows correlates to how many encounters you need to clear. So, if the timer says 10, then you’ll need to beat 10 encounters across as many runs as necessary before it is complete.

Different tasks have different wait times. For example, to plant Wheat seeds, you’ll need to clear 13 encounters, but to plant Nightshade seeds, you’ll only need to clear 5. Similarly, buying an item from Charon’s Stash can require you to clear anywhere between 10 and 40 encounters. The same can be said of ordering things from the Shrine of Hermes. Fortunately, you can pay an additional Gold fee to speed up Shrine of Hermes’ orders, reducing how many encounters you need to beat until the timer finishes.

Wait timers in Hades 2
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Of course, beating a number of encounters is definitely better than waiting 13 hours for your Wheat seeds to grow! You’ll be doing these encounters anyway, and they’re also a great way to earn additional rare resources such as Nectar and Ash. Once the timer runs out, all you need to do is head back and pick it up. That’s everything you need to know about wait timers in Hades 2. For more guides just like this one, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.

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