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Can You Play Lethal Company With a Controller?

If you’re not a fan of mouse and keyboard but still want to try your hand at surviving in Lethal Company, you’re probably wondering if you can use a controller. Here’s what you need to know.

Lethal Company is a jumpscare-laden experience that’ll probably see you gripping your mouse until it explodes out of sheer tension. So, why not throw a controller into the mix? While most PC players prefer to use a mouse and keyboard, some would rather experience their games with a controller in their hands. Fortunately, Lethal Company caters to both crowds. Below, we explain everything you need to know about using a controller in Lethal Company.

Does Lethal Company Have Controller Support?

Yes, Lethal Company does have controller support, allowing you to play some of the game with a controller. However, it is only partial controller support, which means that only certain parts of the game will be playable with a controller. Other aspects will require you to use a mouse and keyboard. Of course, the majority of the experience, including the actual gameplay, will be entirely playable with a controller.

This is according to the game’s Steam page; however, there are currently no options within the game that allow you to toggle controller support on or off. You’ll have to plug or connect your controller to your PC and then boot the game up to use it. As the game is in Early Access, it is possible that it will eventually feature full controller support.

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What Controllers Does Lethal Company Support?

You can use most controllers to play Lethal Company, including Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, PlayStation 5 controllers, Xbox Series X/S controllers, and third-party controllers. So long as it connects to your PC, you should be able to use it in game. Of course, as each controller is mapped differently, you’ll need to test out the controls once you get into the game. However, outside of that hurdle, playing the game on any of the aforementioned controllers will be a painless experience.

That’s everything you need to know about using a controller in Lethal Company. If you want to read more guides on Lethal Company, make sure to check out our Games Hub.

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