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Is Final Fantasy 16 Turn-Based?

Historic fans of the Final Fantasy series are asking if Square Enix will bring back the beloved turn-based action in Final Fantasy 16.

The Final Fantasy series started its roots in turn-based gameplay, a characteristic found in the majority of its games. However, recent titles have started to remove or separate these turn-based elements from play.

An example of this is Final Fantasy XV, which made a noticeable shift towards real-time battle. This departure from traditional turn-based gameplay has created mixed reviews, with mostly negative feedback from long-standing fans of the series. Consequently, many players are now questioning whether Final Fantasy XVI will bring back turn-based gameplay.

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Will Final Fantasy 16 include Turn-Based Combat?

Unfortunately, no. The game producer Naoki Yoshida has stated in multiple interviews that Final Fantasy 16 will not contain any turn-based combat at all.

This will be a negative note for veteran gamers of the series, although, Yoshida believes the majority of modern players no longer prefer this format.

How Does The Final Fantasy 16 Battle System Work?

Final Fantasy 16 is a real-time action RPG where you will control Clive Rosfield in a third-person context. People are describing it as the first true-action RPG in the series.

This game is different from the older titles as they’ve removed elements such as the Active Time Battle (ATB) that you might remember from the other Final Fantasy games. This big change makes the game feel new and different. Additionally, even the companion characters are different as they are not player controlled. Instead, they’re run by the game’s AI and are there to help Clive on his journey.

The gameplay is similar to the Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma series. Mainly, the focus is on using a single attack, allowing the game to focus on the action and keep the combat straightforward.

Nevertheless, it’s not all new as some parts of Final Fantasy 16 draw similarities to previous games. As always, you’ll need to watch the health bar carefully and use items, such as potions, to heal and accessories to boost your abilities.

In the heat of battle, players gain the ability to control powerful beings known as Eikons. Commanding these monsters requires using designated buttons to unleash their moves and evade incoming attacks. Each Eikon boasts a unique array of skills, and some of these abilities appear to have cooldown periods, adding a strategic element to the combat sequences.

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