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Will Final Fantasy 16 Have Party Members?

The Final Fantasy series has always told a story of loyal friendship. Luckily for us, party members are back, and some Final Fantasy 16 party members have now been unveiled.

The gameplay and story have already been described as centrally focused on Clive Rosfield, the main protagonist of the game. However, from the gameplay seen so far, we will expect Clive to have companions throughout his journey.

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Will Final Fantasy XVI Have Party Members?

Despite reports of no party members, Final Fantasy XVI (16) will have party members, but it’s not the same as what we have come to expect.

Unlike most Final Fantasy games, players will only control Clive. Party members will be AI controlled and automate their actions based on the player’s behaviour as Clive.

Who Are The Party Members in Final Fantasy 16?

While the full gameplay and story have not been unveiled yet, we have seen from some of the gameplay so far that Clive travels and fights with the following characters throughout the game.

Whether this party will be with Clive throughout the entire journey, or whether there will be other party members to interact with is still yet to be known.

Clive Rosfield

He is the main protagonist and the first-born son of the Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria. He was expected to inherit the Phoenix’s flames and awaken as its Dominant, but instead, this destiny chose his younger brother, Joshua. You will primarily control Clive throughout the Final Fantasy 16 journey.

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From what we have seen in gameplay so far, Clive will be able to command Torgal to complete certain actions such as sic, heal and ravage.

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Jill Warrick

She is a character from the Northern Territories who was taken in by the Duchy of Rosaria to be raised alongside Clive and Joshua. The Rosfield brothers consider her to be their sister.

She is the dominant of the Eikon Shiva and also carries strong power as an ally.

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Cidolfus Telamon

You can’t have a Final Fantasy without Cid. Cidolfus will join the party as a strong and wise ally. He contains great strength as the Dominant of Rumuh and comes with lightning magic specialties.

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