Final Fantasy 16 Is Not Coming to Xbox According to Leak

Final Fantasy 16 Is Not Coming to Xbox, According to Leak

A recent leak has revealed that there are no plans to release Final Fantasy 16 on Xbox platforms, despite previous rumors.

It’s an exciting state of affairs when considering Sony’s more recent stance on sending its games over to the PC and Xbox’s recent focus on making some of its heaviest hitters multi-platform titles. Final Fantasy 16 originally released exclusively for the PS5 back in June 2023. With its PC release just on the horizon, many would like to know whether Final Fantasy 16 will appear on other platforms. According to recent leaks, it seems this won’t be the case.

Leak Reveals Final Fantasy 16 Won’t Come to Xbox

According to a popular leaker, Silknight, Final Fantasy 16 will not be coming to Xbox, and there are no plans to bring it to the platform in the future. Silknight revealed this information in a long thread on their X (formerly Twitter) account, where they first leaked the potential release date of God of War Ragnarok on PC. When asked directly about a possible Final Fantasy 16 release on Xbox, Silknight responded, “there are currently no plans to bring the main saga to Xbox.” Check out the full exchange here:

This will be disappointing news for Final Fantasy fans looking to play the series on Xbox Series X|S consoles. However, it may not be over just yet. Despite Silknight affirming that there aren’t plans to bring the “main saga” to Xbox, there may still be hope. This is surely a reference to the massive MMO hit, Final Fantasy 14, finally making its way to Microsoft’s platform this month.

As a persistently online MMO, Final Fantasy 14 is separate from the mainline series. It is a different experience from the more curated story-driven single-player experiences of the main saga. Even so, this is quite a big deal for Final Fantasy fans, as it previously spent over a decade only on PlayStation and PC platforms. Despite the leak suggesting that Final Fantasy 16 won’t get the same treatment, it’s perhaps an indicator of opening up the possibilities to come to other platforms in the future.

Previous Leaks Suggest the Opposite

It’s important to note that, while a respected online leaker with a reasonable track record, Silknight’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. This is especially true when considering previous leaks from another leaker, Shpeshal Nick. Earlier this year, they revealed that Final Fantasy 16 was set to come to Xbox Series X|S in the future. Further fuel was added to the fire when fans realized that the same source revealed Visions of Mana’s presence at the Xbox Direct earlier in the year, which eventually became true:

There is even more evidence of Final Fantasy’s potential presence on Xbox when you look even further back to Final Fantasy 14’s celebration event in August 2023. It was at this event that Final Fantasy 14 was first announced for Xbox consoles. It’s where Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu welcomed the Xbox community and laid out future plans to “bring our games to Xbox for players to enjoy.” As the Final Fantasy series is one of Square Enix’s most popular and beloved properties, we can’t imagine they wouldn’t be considering bringing Final Fantasy 16 and other games from the main saga to Xbox platforms in the future.

Even though PlayStation and Xbox have not always had the most amicable of relationships, Xbox’s pivot to allow more of its games on Sony’s platforms also bodes well for those looking for more multi-platform experiences. For now, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled and wait and see whether Final Fantasy 16 gets the same treatment despite the most recent leak. Until then, head over to our Guide Hub for more articles like this one.