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Will Final Fantasy 16 Be Multiplayer?

Square Enix have success with multi-player games in the past, players are wondering whether Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) will be multi-player.

Previous games in the series, such as Final Fantasy 14, have had much success at being primarily a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. However, a large majority of the series has been single-player story games where you only control the players without assistance.

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Will Final Fantasy 16 be Multiplayer?

Final Fantasy 16 is designed to be a unique single-player game, offering a deep, immersive experience. The entire game revolves around the life of Clive Rosfield, and you get to see the world through his eyes, following his journey and understanding his struggles. Therefore, at this point, there are no known plans for multiplayer in Final Fantasy 16.

The combat mechanism of the game is tailored for a solo player. The intricacies of battle are designed in a way where you are in control of Clive only, and no other characters. This feature makes the gaming experience extremely personal and intense.

It allows you to focus on Clive’s skills, development, and strategy without worrying about managing a team or other characters. This depth of combat keeps you engaged and makes every victory feel even more rewarding.

Previously, in Final Fantasy 15, the developers introduced a multiplayer feature known as Comrades. This was an add-on or DLC which allowed players to engage with each other. However, there has been no announcement or indication of a similar feature being released for FF16.

As a player, it’s important to note that FF16 is designed as a single-player experience, and there should not be any expectation for a multiplayer aspect at this point. This emphasises the game’s focus on delivering a robust, singular experience as opposed to a collective multiplayer one. It’s all about immersing yourself into Clive’s world and enjoying the carefully crafted narrative and gameplay that Final Fantasy 16 offers.

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Final Fantasy 16 will have a Global Leaderboard

While multiplayer won’t be possible, it has been confirmed that there will still be an online global leaderboard. This will allow players to compete against others online for challenges such as collecting attack points.

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