Helldivers 2 Datamine Leak Reveal New Stratagems, Weapons, Factions & More

Helldivers 2 Datamine: Leak Reveal New Stratagems, Weapons, Factions & More

Datamines have revealed a lot of exciting new info on new content coming to Helldivers 2. Read on to find out what’s coming to the game!

Helldivers 2 has far exceeded expectations and enjoyed a gargantuan amount of success since its release in early February. Now that the game’s initial server issues have been more or less ironed out, players are eager to know what’s next for the game. Thankfully, some astute data miners have uncovered a whole load of new content that looks set to come to Helldivers 2 in a future update.

Helldivers 2 Datamine Reveals Upcoming Content

A recent datamine of Helldivers 2 has revealed a variety of exciting new additions, such as brand-new Stratagems, weapons, biomes, more customization options, a new faction, new enemy types, and more that looks to be coming to the game in a future update.

This isn’t the first time players uncovered new Helldivers 2 info through datamining. Previously, players found that new Stratagems are on the way, as well as the ability to call in and control certain vehicle types and your very own mech suit. Reddit user Key_Negotiation_9726 carried out the most recent datamine. They found a plethora of exciting content that looks set to come to the game in a future update. You can see it in the post below:

Helldivers 2 Leak: New Faction, Enemy Types, Customization & More

The Helldivers 2 datamine info reveals a new faction called The Illuminates, as well as weather effects, customization options, and more.

The leak revealed more detail on a new faction, the Illuminates, shown in a previous datamine. This faction played a prominent role in the first Helldivers game, and it looks like it’ll be coming to the sequel in a future update.

In addition to the new faction, the leak reveals many new enemy types for existing factions, such as a “bug flyer” enemy and powerful new Automaton types. It seems new environmental effects are also coming, which include an “acid storm” and even the potential for meteor showers to rain hell on everything in the vicinity. As if four Eagle 500kg bombs weren’t enough!

There also seems to be a bunch of customization options making their way to Helldivers 2, including passive armor effects on Helmets, weapon mods and mod slots, and the ability to further customize your Destroyer ship to really make it your own. Additionally, there’s a list of new Stratagems that also seem to be on the way, and the ability to upgrade them to make them more powerful out in the field.

It’s important to note that none of these features and additions are confirmed by Arrowhead Studios, so take all of the above info with a grain of salt! Nevertheless, it seems Helldivers 2 fans have much to look forward to. For more guides just like this one, be sure to dive straight into our Guide Hub here.