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Monopoly Go: When is the Next Treasures Digging Event

Treasures Events in Monopoly Go require players to dig for rewards, and here are all the details we know about when the next event might occur.

Monopoly Go constantly has daily tournaments and events, with many rewards being collectible Stickers. However, occasional events last longer and provide considerably better rewards; one such event is Treasures. These events will require players to collect items on the board that allow them to dig up Treasures in a minigame. The more items you dig up, the better the rewards. Many players find these events entertaining, so here are all the details on when we think you can play another Treasures Event in Monopoly Go.

When is the Next Treasures Event in Monopoly Go

The next Treasures Event is called Anniversary Treasures and will occur in Monopoly Go on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. We expect the event to last 5 days.

Just remember that this information is based on a leak, so details are subject to change when more information becomes available. The table below shows you the dates on which each Treasures Event has been held.

Egyptian Treasures in Monopoly Go
Egyptian Treasures in Monopoly Go

When Were the Previous Treasures Events

Here is a list of when all the Treasures events have been held and how we have concluded that a digging event is on the way soon.

Event NameStartFinish
Anniversary TreasuresApril 16, 2024April 21, 2024
Spring TreasuresMarch 30, 2024April 3rd, 2024
Sunset TreasuresMarch 18, 2024March 23, 2024
Galactic TreasuresFebruary 23, 2024February 28, 2024
Jungle TreasuresJanuary 22, 2024January 26, 2024
Moonlight TreasuresDecember 10, 2023December 13, 2023
Egyptian TreasuresNovember 13, 2023November 16, 2023

That’s everything you need to know about when the next Treasures Event might be for Monopoly Go. Make sure you check out our Guide Hub for more articles on the game.


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