Mech in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: When Are Mechs Coming?

Mechs are dropping into Helldivers 2 very soon, giving players the firepower they need to spread democracy. Here’s when they’re coming.

Players have known about mechs coming to Helldivers 2 since the official  “Report for Duty” trailer, which dropped a short while ago, featured them. Since then, speculation has run rampant as to when they might be added to the game. Considering how fun they were to use in the original game, it’s no surprise that fans want them as soon as possible. Fortunately, you may not have to wait too much longer.

When Are Mechs Coming to Helldivers 2?

Mechs will be coming to Helldivers 2 very soon, likely in the next few weeks. There will be at least two different mechs for players to unlock: the EXO 44 and the EXO 48. This was all seen in recently leaked gameplay footage. The clip showcased a fully functioning mech that players can call down and use. You can see the video below.

While the official release date of mechs in Helldivers 2 has not been confirmed by Arrowhead Studios, it’s likely to be in the coming weeks. Development on additional features has resumed now that the servers are more stable, meaning that updates containing new stratagems and potentially additional factions are on their way.

Of course, we’ll make sure to update this article when the official release date of mechs in Helldivers is announced. Hopefully, players won’t have to wait much longer until they can hop into a mech and start blasting Terminids. Until then, make sure to check out our Guide Hub for more Helldivers 2 content.

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