Helldivers 2 surprised face about roadmap

Helldivers 2: What We Know About The Roadmap

Helldivers 2 delivers action-packed, bug, and bot-killing gameplay, and it’s only the beginning; we have the details on a possible roadmap.

Helldivers 2 has been a massive hit with players, placing you in the boots of soldiers fighting an active galactic war. Since the game has been out, planets and sectors have been contested between Super Earth and its enemies. However, as time passes, many have become curious about what is coming in the game’s future. Below, we go over what is coming to the game in a content roadmap and what we may expect to see in Helldivers 2.

What Is Coming in the Helldivers 2 Roadmap?

Players can expect Mechs, driveable vehicles, weapons, stratagem fixes, and much more in a roadmap for Helldivers 2. While there is no officially released content path for the game, videos of pilotable Mechs have been circumventing the internet. Even developers in the game’s official Discord have confirmed that they are ready to go, and only final touch-ups are being made to them.

Secondly, balancing for Weapons and Stratagems was also addressed in the Discord, further showing that changes are coming to ensure more of each combat mechanic is viable rather than a select meta.

Source: fozzye18 on Reddit

Additionally, users revealed videos of driveable vehicles in Helldivers 2 on X. Lastly, The Illuminate will likely return. They were an alien race that Helldivers fought against and pushed back to their home planet. Given that there is plenty of space on the war table for more factions, and they were already in the first game, seems likely we will see them back in action.

While only some stuff has been confirmed by Arrowhead Studios, it looks likely that much of what has been uncovered will be heading to the game. As Helldivers 2 expands, the Galactic War will also escalate, and players will need all the tools they can get to defend Super Earth. That is all we currently know about the content roadmap for Helldivers 2. If you like this guide and wish to find more intel on the game, be sure to dive into our Guide Hub here.


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