Super Samples icon in front of screenshot of Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2: How to Get Super Samples

If you’re having trouble finding Super Samples in Helldivers 2, don’t worry. We go over everything you need to know to get them in this guide.

Super Uranium Samples are the highest tier of Samples in Helldivers 2. They are the rarest collectible resource in the game and are required to unlock some of the most useful late-game upgrades for your Destroyer ship. These upgrades will add much-needed buffs to your Stratgems to help you take on the game’s highest-difficulty modes. Therefore, you’ll want to get your hands on Super Uranium Samples sooner rather than later in Helldivers 2.

How to Get Super Samples in Helldivers 2

To get Super Samples in Helldivers 2, you must play the game in either Suicide Mission, Impossible, or Helldive difficulty and look out for Super Uranium ore veins on a planet’s surface. You can locate a Super Sample ore vein by looking for silver ‘spots’ on your map. Each ore vein has a guaranteed amount of Super Uranium Samples around it, depending on the difficulty level.

Here are the amounts of Super Samples you can expect to find around an ore vein for each of the three highest difficulties in Helldivers 2:

  • Suicide Mission (difficulty level 7) – three Super Samples
  • Impossible (difficulty level 8) – four Super Samples
  • Helldive (difficulty level 9) – six Super Samples
Super Sample Ore Vein map location and player standing next to it in Helldivers 2
Image Credit – Ape Knight Gaming

To find Super Uranium Sample ore veins while exploring a planet’s surface, open up your map and look for small clumps of silver ‘spots’/areas. Your cursor will display “Minor Place of Interest” on your map. Next, set a pin and head over there! You should see a rock that resembles a club or upright chicken drumstick from a distance.

When you get close to the ore vein, you should be able to see a few floating silver spheres around it. These are the Super Uranium Samples! Here’s what they look like:

Playerstanding next to Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers 2
Image Credit – Ape Knight Gaming

Remember, you will see more Super Samples at each ore vein you come across at higher difficulties. Make sure to grab as much as you can and extract the mission safely to ensure you take them back with you to your ship. Here are a few tips to help you find more:

  • Playing in Helldive will net you the most Super Samples per ore vein, but make sure you’re prepared for the difficulty spike: high risk, high reward.
  • Equip armor that has the Scout passive ability. This will make you faster and reduce enemy detection, making it easier to dash around the map.
  • Bring along an Eagle Smoke Strike and Orbital EMS strike. The smoke will give you stealth cover while traversing the map, and the EMS strike will slow the enemy’s advance.

That’s all for how to get Super Samples in Helldivers 2. For more guides to help you spread democracy across the galaxy, check out our Guide Hub here.