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Final Fantasy 16: Do You Need to Play Previous Games?

Final Fantasy 16 is Square Enix’s latest title in a long-lasting series, and players who have not played the demo might be wondering if you need to have knowledge of the previous games.

The latest game in the series is set in the world of Valisthea where players will follow the story of Clive Rosfield. There are so many recognisable elements such as the Eikon monsters Ifrit and Shiva appearing in the trailers and demo so far. So, it is only natural for players to wonder if the story is part of or related to the previous titles in the game series.

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Do You Need to Play Previous Final Fantasy Games?

The simple answer is no. Square Enix has long held the position that every mainline title in the Final Fantasy series is a standalone game in a new world with new characters and storylines. You can be assured that any game with its numeric value e.g. XV, XVI etc. is unique in its own way.

However, this does not mean there aren’t any prequel or sequel games in any of the previous series though. Therefore, we may see a sequel or prequel for Final Fantasy 16 in the future.

Fortunately for those who are fan fanatics of the previous games, you will find the typical iconic elements. This includes the lovely fluffy Chocobos, Cid returning as Cidolfus Telamon and, of course, crystals.

From the demo gameplay, we were also able to see other fan-favourite reoccurring elements seen in previous games. An example was a Dragoon boss battle, whose stance resembled the famous Kain from Final Fantasy IV. We also saw a battle against the common bad-breathed Morbol.

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Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay

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