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Will The New Zealand Trick Work For Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16 is ever so close to release time, and with players trying to get their hands on it early, can the New Zealand trick work?

Square Enix’s latest game in the Final Fantasy series is coming on the 22nd of June. With a history of the New Zealand trick giving players early access, it is worth seeing if there is a way to get early access to Final Fantasy 16.

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What is the New Zealand Trick?

Typically, modern online games will release region-specific at midnight. Due to New Zealand being the first region to reach midnight on a given date, they will always be the first region to get access to a game.

Therefore, if a player sets their time zone to the New Zealand region, they may be able to access the game earlier than the rest of the world and get a head start.

Will the New Zealand Trick Work for Final Fantasy 16?

Unfortunately, the New Zealand trick will not work, at least not in a way that will appear worth it. PlayStation 5 games are region-specific purchases. This requires you to have a New Zealand account and purchase the game in that region. You cannot change your existing PlayStation 5 account to a new region, meaning there is no temporary way to get the game early.

With Final Fantasy 16 being a PS5 exclusive, there are no other consoles you can attempt the trick on. These constraints will confine you if you want to play it early.

This means you will need a new account to purchase the game from (or an existing NZ account). It also means being stuck in that region – all to play the game a few hours early. For this reason, we believe it is just better to wait for the region release to reach you, as there is also no confirmation if it will release early.

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Will Final Fantasy 16 Release Early in New Zealand?

Final Fantasy 16 will release in New Zealand at midnight. Therefore, creating a New Zealand account for your PlayStation and purchasing the game through the store should allow you to play the game earlier if you live in America or Europe.

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  1. You just need to have that NZ acct on your playstation, you don’t have use it to play the game, so you can still get your trophies. The part that makes it not worth it is the exchange rate and you are going to pay over 100$ US for the digital deluxe, when if you buy it in NA region it will be 89.99. So the cost is prohibitive more than having to use a NZ acct to download the game, cause once the game is DL’ed on your PS5, any acct on that system can play any of the games.

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