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Final Fantasy 16: A Promising Glimpse into a Medieval Epic – Demo Review

After many rumours, the latest addition in the infamous franchise, Final Fantasy 16, has received a short 2-hour demo for the PlayStation 5.

For quite some time, we’ve been closely tracking the game’s progress, with a mixture of nerves and anticipation. Luckily, if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, the demo does not disappoint.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

“Square Enix is determined to captivate audiences from the start”

Final Fantasy 16 begins with a fight between two gigantic beasts, known as Eikons. This exciting battle initiates hints at a grand story.

The core narrative of Final Fantasy 16 revolves around five sacred crystals, the source of magic, and the intense struggle for dominance among six nations. Upon initial reflection, it becomes apparent that the game has returned to its medieval origins, which is a welcome aspect for any long-time fans of the series. It also bears elements of a story akin to Game of Thrones, where various factions fight for control and power.

In Final Fantasy 16, you play as Clive Rosfield, the son of a ruler, and embark on a journey that spans different stages of his life. There are sections in the demo where you can explore his home, interact with other characters, and dive deeper into his persona. These experiences aided in forging an initial connection and attachment to Clive as the protagonist. As someone who has frequently formed deep emotional bonds with characters within the series, the start of Final Fantasy 16 has been promising. I can only hope that this character development will continue throughout the game. You can check out some exploration gameplay here.

The game adeptly introduces action and dialogue, accompanied by superb music. Although, it is evident that Square Enix is determined to captivate audiences from the start with its incredible cutscenes as this takes up a vast majority of the demo, putting the actual gameplay on the back burner.

“Final Fantasy 16 looks promising”

The Final Fantasy 16 demo strikes a harmonious blend of dialogue and action sequences, and the combat doesn’t disappoint. As you progress, you’re introduced to new magic abilities, making gameplay more dynamic and exciting.

The demo also offers numerous boss battles, each presenting a unique challenge. In addition, the combat system gradually unveils more magic abilities to keep the fights exciting. Particularly memorable are the special encounters against the formidable Eikons.

As it stands, the transitions between fast-paced battles and slower, dialogue-heavy scenes are a bit abrupt, although the well-performed cutscenes play an integral role in the storytelling. Admittedly, the quick-paced nature of combat might leave some players yearning for more intense action sequences. Fortunately, once you complete the demo’s story mode, you unlock a combat demo which gives you a bit more action.

Final Fantasy 16 Demo Screenshot 2
In-game Screenshot

Overall, Final Fantasy 16 looks promising, with stunning Eikon battles, engaging melee combat, and a rich story woven into the gameplay. The game’s pace and rhythm might need some fine-tuning, but the anticipation for what the gameplay could deliver is palpable.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo provides a glimpse into the game’s prologue, granting approximately two to three hours of gameplay. Importantly, progress made in the demo can be carried over to the final game, which will launch on June 22, 2023.

If you are as excited as us for its release, you can view the release edition information and other facts here.